What could you buy with your rent money in DIT ?

You and your rent

On average students are paying approximately €150 a week (that’s €600 euro a month) on rent. More often than not that doesn’t include bills, food and your social life – for example like a FRESHERS EVENT. So what could you buy in DIT if you didn’t have to pay €150 every week?

That’s 6 DIT jumpers or 10 DIT t-shirts. That means you wouldn’t have to washing for 10 days. THE DREAM.

21 Boojums – Not to mention the student deal available, you get a free drink too. So that’s 21 boojums and 21 beverages as well, taking you 21 steps closer to that Loyalty Boojum t-shirt.

60 Latte’s from the Grumpy Mule. Who needs a house to sleep in when you have the money to get 60 lattes?!

 surprise americas next top model miss j GIFAnd there’s so much more…

  • 150 cones of chips. That’s lunch (or a snack in my opinion) in the DIT Canteen for 150 days of the year, 5 months of chips!!!!
  • 21 DITSU Freshers Paint Party tickets… BARGAIN.
  • 150 Tesco Trolleys that you never returned…
  • 151 packets of 99 cent instant Koko noodles
  • 75 pints at Diceys. Think of all the dancing you’d do and friends you’d make.
  • 250 Pink Lady Apples – That’s enough micronutrients for 8 months!

So there you have it, this is what you could buy every week if you didn’t have to pay rent. So for those that are living at home, NEVER LEAVE.

For those that do have to pay a ridiculous price for your rent every week, here are some budgeting tips to help you out:

  • Bring your own tea bags in – only pay 30 cent for hot water.
  • Don’t buy 21 Boojum’s, you see how much a boojum can add up to. Pack your own lunch and save a ton of money!
  • Make a budget for your monthly income and outcome and stick to it.
  • Buy your groceries from cheap stores like: Tesco, Asian stores, Aldi and Lidl and watch out for sales!
  • Don’t buy drinks out in a nightclub, they’re expensive so try limit it to just 1 or 2.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you save a bit of money throughout the year!

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