5 Tips to beat that ‘first day of back to college’ anxiety


If you are naturally a nervous wreck like myself, you can relate to the dreaded anxiety you get the night before the First Day of anything – be it college, school or work.

Symptoms usually include nervously checking the alarm multiple times, so that yes, you will be on the right time, at least for the first class of the year. And not to forget the tossing and turning in your bed, where you literally squirm more than you sleep.

sleepless nights

These are the tips I have been following for few years, they don’t necessarily get rid of the anxiety, but they make the stress life 110% down.


  1. Take a hot bubble bath before the night:

Multiple studies have shown that taking a bubble bath significantly improves mood and levels of optimism. Taking a hot bath will relax your muscles and bring your stress levels down. It will also help you sleep better.


  1. Prepare everything the night before:

Organising clothes, bag, shoes and stationary, will make your morning less stressful! Get your wallet night before, and put your student card and leap card in there! Get your outfit ready, ironed and ready to change in to. Pack your new books and stationary, in a handbag or school bag. This planning will also give you a half an hour of extra sleep!


  1. Go out and buy new stationery!

I don’t know what it is about the smell of new copies or refill pads, but for every time there is a first day, be it semester 1 or semester, I HAVE to buy new stationary.

We all know that shopping relieves stress, so why not relieve your anxiety while buying new stationaries.

  1. List the things that you look forward to

Granted, first day is often just made into such a big deal that make us feel anxious, but it is always a good idea to think ahead. Think about how you will see your friends again after such a long time. Think about all the exciting nights out and other festivities like mystery tours. Think about the clubs and socs you want to join during this academic year. We don’t have to think of impending doom, think happy thoughts!


  1. Eat breakfast in the morning

When you are stressed, you are bound to have a queasy stomach. You don’t feel like you want to eat but you still should have a good healthy breakfast. I usually go for almond milk and cereal. High fibre breakfast will release the energy slowly, giving you not a high or a low, just good amount of energy to tackle your day.


That are the tips I usually follow when its first day of anything. Just remember, it’s not any special day, it’s just like any other college day. Even if your day goes horribly wrong, it doesn’t necessarily you will have a bad week, or month or a year. College is not a place to dread, it’s a place to learn and enjoy before we start out adult life!

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