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Since my first day in Dublin, I have loved this city and all the amazing things you can do here! But I think what I love most about Dublin is the fact that you can decide to go for a day trip in the countryside whenever you like and within less than an hour and with less than 10 Euro you can have a wonderful day in nature and enjoy the amazing Irish landscapes. I guess that most of you are already studying for the upcoming exams, but how about a day off or a reward for all the hours spent at the library? I will show you three beautiful spots near Dublin where you can go for one day and have the best time!

One day in Howth

Howth is a cute little town East of Dublin. It’s definitely worth a visit and the cliff path is just amazing. You shouldn’t leave without having some fresh seafood!

  • From Dublin to Howth: Take the DART (30 minutes, around 6 Euro return)
  • My favorite: the cliff walk (Bog of Frog Loop)
  • Where to eat: Fish & Chips at Beshoff’s or (my favorite) seafood chowder at Octopussy
  • Information and routes: click here



One day in Bray

This cute town in County Wicklow is perfect for a chilled walk by the sea or a sporty hike to the top of Bray Head. The view is really worth it!

  • From Dublin to Bray: Take the DART (40 minutes from city center, around 7 Euro return)
  • My favorite: Climbing up Bray Head and enjoying the view. Don’t forget to wear good shoes!
  • Where to eat: You’ll enjoy the traditional Irish food and the cozy atmosphere at Porterhouse
  • To Do’s and information: click here



One day in Glendalough

Glendalough is situated in the Wicklow Mountains and is worth a visit or two for its breathtaking landscape. This spot is really special and amazed me by its calm and serenity!

  • From Dublin to Glendalough: Glendalough Bus/ St. Kevin Bus Service (2 hours, 20 Euro return)
  • Where to eat: You’ll find very good food for fair prices at the Glendalough Hotel. Or you can bring your own lunch as there is not a lot of choice!
  • Information and routes: click here


Enjoy your day trip and don’t forget that Ireland has so much more to offer than Dublin!

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I'm Lea, an exchange student from Germany and I will share some experiences with you during my adventure here in Dublin! If you want to see more, you can visit my Instagram profile or my German Blog !


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