Celebrate breakfast: 3 easy and healthy recipes to start the day right

Healthy Breakfast

There is one thing I couldn’t imagine doing anymore. Okay maybe there are some more things, like going out three nights in a row without having a hangover, or starting studying the night before an exam – but let’s stick to the point: The one thing I couldn’t imagine doing is leaving home in the morning without having breakfast before. Not only because my mom used to tell me how important it is to have breakfast, but also because I feel actually way more motivated for the day and because breakfast has become my favorite meal, as there are so many different ways to celebrate it! The most common excuses I’m used to hear when it comes to breakfast are “I’m not hungry when getting up” and “I don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning”. Well, what should I say regarding the first excuse? Get used to it and you will wake up hungry every morning after the third day 😉 And in terms of time, today is the day from which on you’ll never use this excuse again. Because I will show you three recipes that are not only healthy and yummy but also extremely easy to prepare! Be ready for your morning routine to be revolutionized!

Breakfast recipe number 1: Raspberry-Coco-Bowl

You need: A handful of oats, 50g of natural yoghurt, 10g of coco flakes, 50g of Raspberries (they can be frozen ones from the supermarket, it can also be any other berries), 1 teaspoon of linseed

Prepare it: Mix the oats with the yogurt and the linseed and leave them for 10 minutes. Add the raspberries and the coco flakes. That’s it! You may also add some honey if you like it more sweet.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast recipe number 2: Healthy banana pancakes

You need: 1 Egg, 1 ripe banana, 1 spoon of oats, 10mL of fresh milk, 1 spoon of Greek yogurt, a teaspoon of honey

Prepare it: peel and mash the banana. Add the egg and stir it. Add the oats and the milk and stir again. This is the dough for your pancakes. Now bake the pancakes in a pan. Top them with Greek yogurt and honey and enjoy your breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast recipe number 3: Avocado and cottage cheese toast

You need: 1 slice of bread (preferably whole-grain bread), half an avocado, 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese, half a lemon, salt and pepper

Prepare it: Toast the bread slice. Coat it with cottage cheese. Add the avocado in thin slices. Baste with lemon juice. Flavor with salt and pepper. There you go!

Doesn’t that sound delicious? And you must admit, these recipes are so easy, that you wouldn’t dare telling me you don’t have time to prepare them, right? Hope you enjoy your breakfast!

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