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Don’t make it personal: We all love a good argument but don’t make it personal – either about the contributor, people mentioned in articles or other commenters. To be honest, it’s just lazy, instead, try engaging in a positive manner.

We hate hate speech: attacking people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or disability will not be tolerated. This includes generalising about any group of people, based on the real or perceived action of individuals from that group.

Do not post defamatory content: we won’t post anything that may put us in legal hot water.

Keep it relevant:  If the article is about fish don’t start talking about chess. We do realise that conversations can take odd turns,

Don’t be a troll: Don’t be the person that says the thing just to get a reaction. Having a different point of view is not trolling if those views are sincerely held, but we reserve the right to make that call.

Don’t feed the trolls: If you ignore them, you take away their magic powers (they have no magic powers). If you feed them, they get fat and the bounce up and down on their little chairs in their little rooms with glee. We repeat: don’t feed the trolls.

Safeguard your own information: This is your job, not ours. But don’t post sensitive personal information or the personal details of others in our comments section. Be mindful of this at all times.

No Ads unless you buy ad space: if you’ve come up with the genius idea for advertising the next amazing thing that students will all want through comments and thereby circumnavigating having to buy space, soz.  Send an email to ruth.murray[@] and save everyone hassle in the long run.


In conclusion – be nice.

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