Mental Health and the Things People Don’t Want to Talk about


So Mental Health we all know what it is or do we really?

The term Mental Health just refers to our mental wellbeing and it is the same as your physical health. The term doesn’t just refer to negative thoughts even though that is the way it perceived so what I ask of everyone reading this is to please open up the conversation at home and with your friends about mental health and talk about the negatives and the positives.

Now let’s talk about the subjects that people tend to shy away from.

Depression – when someone is depressed it is the literal meaning of the word. Their mood is depressed. The easiest way to look at is like a balloon trying to go up but someone is pulling it back down and THAT IS OK!!!!! our mental health is a constantly changing graph. nobody is happy all the time and no one is sad all the time…because let’s face it if you saw someone who was happy all the time you’d think they were crazy!!!

It seems that people forget that it is 100% normal to feel down and depressed but the import thing is to remember that you are not in this alone.  I once heard a saying from a counsellor I was seeing that has stuck with me my whole life ” 50% of the world had a mental health issue the other 50% are staying quiet about there’s” Its a funny way at looking at the world and some people will say that its a negative way but the way I’ve taken it is the opposite. I think its actually a reassuring to know that no matter how alone you feel that the person next to you is going through their own battel and like the old expression goes a problem shared is a problem halved.  I guess what I’m trying to get at is that we all need to openly talk about the state of our mental health on the negative days and on the positive days. We as a country are guilty of pushing our issues under the carpet if you think about it how many times have you been asked “how are you today” and replied with “grand yeah yourself”. I know that talking about your own issues is just as hard as living with them but trust me talking to someone about it lifts a major weight off your shoulders and more importantly off your mind.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to get out of bed in the morning and it can be very hard to do it but the most importing thing is to keep going and keep fighting but always remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

a lot of people struggle with anxiety and now more than ever. We are living in very uncertain times and this can weigh very heavily on a person but the most import thing is to try and stay calm and stay focused. It is perfectly normal for people to feel worried about….well everything its human nature and its ok to feel overwhelmed but please make sure that when you do feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders or that everything isn’t going to be alright that you reach out and ask for help, share the load.

Negative Mental Health is something that everyone in this world struggles with but it is also something that we all need to come together and talk about it. We need to be open about our struggles and open about our difficulties.  We also need to talk about the positives, when someone askes you how are you today? be honest.  If your feeling bad let people know and if your feeling happy let people know celebrate the good times and talk about the bad.

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