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So can I just start off by saying congratulations on getting through your exams!!!  They are never easy but hey look at you!! you got through them in possibly the most difficult time any student has ever face and you made it look like a walk in the park so well done!

Now the exams are over whats next? ……the results and don’t worry we know how stressful the wait can be and we will be here with you one step at a time. But here are a few tips to deal with the stress that comes after you finish your exams.

Tip 1 – Switch off

Yep, you’ve just finished studying for how long? you’ve sat your exams, in a very unusual way might I remind you, and you put your all into them. now its time to forget about them. they are over and done with. You studied for it you worked your brain like a bodybuilder and now it’s all paid off and its time for you to take that brain of yours on holidays.

once you’ve finished your last exam get away from your workspace maybe give your body a bit of a stretch and let the bliss of not having to think about studying for another few months come over you. We all know that the first thing a lot of people will do is message into their group chats to talk about the exams and try and figure out what most people put in for each question but trust me the worst thing to do is to read these messages because they will just make you second guess yourself so do your best to ignore these even if that means muting the group chat for a few days trust me it will save you so much stress.

Tip 2 – Distraction

Ok so you know the way you made your brain and body into an exam crunching machine ….well its time to turn it back into a person.  remember those hobbies you had before the exams….now its time to get back into them. Go for a walk with friends or get stuck into the newest series on Netflix’s you’ve earned yourself a break.

make sure you reconnect with the people around you, we all know that when it comes to exams we can get stuck in our own little bubbles but the people who have been around you and supporting you in the background can sometimes be the best people to help you relax and de-stress. Go out for a cup of coffee go to the beach even just sit around and chill.

its the little talks surrounded by friends with a cuppa in your had that I find helps the most.

Tip 3- Don’t worry about the results

Yep, you read that correctly, you don’t need to worry about the results because you have done all the work for it. You put your 100% into it so these results will be the best results for you. But hey we know that this is hard to do so if you are finding yourself getting stressed around the exams make sure you reach out. Go for a walk the day of the results this will help you relax and clear your head.

When the results come out don’t rush into trying to check them, mainly because the link will crash, but instead set yourself up in a calm and relaxing environment.  Sit outside maybe with a cup of tea and just let yourself be fully relaxed before you look at those results. Once you see the grades don’t think too much on them. No matter what they are it will be alright. if you need to re-sit any of them that’s ok. I have never heard of anyone getting through 3rd level education without at least one repeat. Don’t forget you can always get your exam re-checked as well if you’re not happy with how they went.

The main thing to do during results is to remember to be it good or bad news you still sat the exams and gave it 100% and if you have to re-sit anything then you get to go in and give it 110%. Make sure you reach out to your mates as well and make sure that they are doing alright. give share these tips with them as well. Mind yourself and mind your mates

Don’t forget that you can always reach out to the SU team all the emails are available on so feel free to pop them an email with whatever issue you have they have education and welfare officers equipt to deal with all of your issues.

The main thing is to remember that you’ll do amazing no matter what your results are because you have an amazing support network around you with you friends and family as well as your Students Union and all the support staff in the University so please use them.

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