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Semester 1 ✅                    

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One of the biggest challenges of been the Rathmines & BIMM college officer role is that you have 2 campuses to look after. I am lucky enough that with a great team of class reps and school rep that they are there to help gather information from their fellow students, are points of contact on campus, are able to help sort out any local issue on site and they are great for lending a pair of hands when it gets busy.

If you’re thinking of running for the position and you’re going into final year, don’t let that hold you back. I am currently in my final year and finding it a lot easier to manage because I make myself available to be visible and around both campuses.

At first, it takes a little while to balance college officer work and life outside of the job but after a week 2 or 3 is where I found a nice balance. For example, I haven’t missed an LGBTQ society meeting this year, I help out onsite events across many of the DIT campuses, I work between office hours during the week and then I make time for both studying and my social life.

Another fantastic resource in DITSU is been able to lean on the other officers in the team.

Asking them for advice and if they have had any similar issues on their campuses. This also helps that you are not alone as a college officer but as a team to look after our students.

With being in my second term of the college officer position I find it great to be able to help out other officers who are only new to the job.

Over the semester I was given the opportunity to get involved in some amazing events such as the Accommodation protest, Pink Training, and National Council. One of my highlights this semester was getting the opportunity to go represent DITSU on the Claire Byrne Live a on RTE. Although this job is challenging and stressful it is the most rewarding and puts you in a unique perspective to mind so many students across DIT. (Wherever that may be)

Here are a few of my highlights of semester 1 below! 

I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

Here’s to smashing semester 2 ✊?

See you in TU

Rosie – College officer Rathmines & BIMM

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