Bolton Street Semester 1 Update


Hey folks.. IT’S ALL OVER!!! Not the entire academic year, just semester one.. What a relief! So, where to start?!


I think the biggest difficulty lies within ‘finding a balance’. This doesn’t only relate to myself, student after student will have complications with balancing their social life, work life and college studies all in one! It’s an important factor in life to give everything it’s time. My parents have constantly reiterated that quote up to a point where it’s stuck. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m still learning my ways around it. With a new challenging role such as being a College Officer of Bolton St you can imagine the tasks that you will be dealing with. Attending classes, attending football trainings, as well as matches, completing assignments and trying to not completely drain yourself within your own campus and have somewhat an aspect of a social life has its tough moments I will admit! But the satisfaction of it all knowing you’re making an influence.. Whether that being on your assignments, on your progress in what ever sport you play or aiding in where you can with students across your campus!


My main focus this year was to recruit 100% Class Reps. The ideology of 100% isn’t as crazy as I thought it would be! I’ve had my ups and downs, some weeks being harder to elect people than others and even some weeks just breezing through classes! I think the key word for me is PATIENCE. Lack of it and I’ll see red. Having an ambition of achieving this goal can drive you nuts. There are fantastic groups of students I’ve went in to, those who put themselves forward and thrive to get involved! It’s very humbling to see so many individuals want to have an impact.

However, there are classes who don’t seem bothered. They require a more “Sell me this role speech” to try and convince them! They typically come to terms with it and it’s always enjoyable to watch students change emotion from when I first enter the class to when I’m wrapped up. Shoutout to all the students who applauded my exit, whether that was because of their appreciation of me in their class or if they were just happy I was leaving, this is the untold truth of the world! You’d be surprised how often I also attended classes that were just empty.. Ughhhh! It’s a case of setting aside your free time in the evenings or between classes just to see a vacant room.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opening semester of my role. It’s a role which took time to adjust to, which I couldn’t do without the help of my team. In particular, Sinead, the Student Advisor of Bolton St, has been a massive part of me adjusting in! Her understanding of the Students’ Union and overall workability has just encouraged me to better myself. A massive shoutout to the big dog himself, El Presidente Pierre! I’m sure the rest of the team will agree on his support and leadership, as well as experience, being a huge asset to us settling in! We is family ❤️❤️

Regardless, these happenings are natural! Of course it’s challenges like this and mishaps that will strengthen me as a character and as a College Officer for the students. I’m going into semester two with a clearer mindset. I hope to increase the livelihood of Bolton St, and I have little ideas which I’ll wait for the appropriate time to promote.

Have a fantastic holiday break! Spend time with the fam and come back with a bang!!! I will too xo

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