Cathal Brugha Christmas Chills


Okay Guys, we are nearly there. We can finally see the finish line for semester one and 2018.

Exam ready anticipation, study schedule and timetable at hand whether shaded in or highlighted. Get ready to Cram, study or just a simple unrealistic case of study osmosis.

The last lap is always the hardest and toughest, so we just have to give it one last push. So before we break and get ready to go into hibernation here are things to remember:

  • Healthy stress is good, do not over think!
  • Start steady studying. Plan out a schedule. Start with the what you like or in some cases the one you acquired most marks in (CA).
  • Have a support system.. don’t actually go into hibernation and forget the social aspects that make you. Engage with friends exchange notes, share study tips and gain some.
  • Enjoy the process, I know it sounds absolutely absurd. But enjoy the process of it. Whether you are a final year or a first year.
  • This last tip is relative…. which is just breathe, take out time and meditate take breathing sessions. Even so much so you can channel all the negative energy like stress and worry and change it to a positive mind frame. Also Prayer is another one, to what or whoever you believe in.

These tips are just steady ones that most students have engaged in. But I do encourage us to cherish the moments and enjoy the process. Maintain a healthy lifestyle through it just mentally prepare yourself for the next semester.

Christmas Time literally came the day after Halloween, this year without a doubt.

Let the excitement and Christmas cheer continue on. Just remember with it all to balance work and play together and remember a good coma should only last a day not a week of procrastination. A little bit of everything to the Christmas stuffing makes the magic.

No snow this Christmas, like usual but the winds out so we shall not get blown away like the end of year semester notes.

On your Marks, Ready, Set and Go!!!

See you in 2019 !! Let’s make it Count in Cathal Brugha!



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