4 Things To Know Before Starting College


Congratulations on getting your course for all new incoming students and welcome all back returning students. It has been a very long Summer break and there have been many changes made with everyone adapting. Hopefully College will get our minds distracted a little. Here are some little things you should know as a student!


Due to Covid many lecturers will be happening online with some classes/labs happening on campus. There are stickers all over the floors to direct students on one way systems to keep everyone safe. They are hand sanitizers at arrival and are important to use upon arrival as many students will be arriving in different means of transportation and Face masks are key, so please don’t forget to wear them! Before going into college don’t forget to fill out back to campus form 3 days before https://www.tudublin.ie/for-students/health–safety/. Don’t forget to SOCIAL DISTANCE at all times!

Day to day (first years)

When you first walk on campus as a first year student you don’t know what to expect and everything is usually explained during your first tutorial class. Thing to know;

With the library there will be bookable spaces if you need to use the library. The staff are really friendly and approachable, if ever in doubt ask the library staff and they will be happy to help whenever! Just don’t forget your library card when you need to take books out!

Canteen is open to a certain number of students with social distancing and fewer food options.

There is WIFI on all campuses called EDUOROM which you log in to using your student details.


Don’t let assignments pile up! Assignments play a crucial part in college work. So make sure to be on top of all the work and have the dates due written in your diary.
You need to pass both components, exams and assignments/Continuous Assessments! Make sure nothing is plagiarized as this can have a big effect on your work and the college does not take it lightly.

Referencing is key! Most lectures would like to see Harvard referencing, but they will let you know and if not it’s best to ask!

If you own your own laptop, Microsoft Office is free for all enrolled students! https://www.microsoft.com/en-ie/education/products/office.

Leap card

If you haven’t already got a student leap card, go for it! If you are eligible for the child leap card you can still use that one and get the student leap card for many offers.

Make sure to register your leap card online after you receive it just in case it gets lost you can claim back the amount that was on the card!
The student leap card is less pricey than the adult leap card with a cap of €20 for travel Mon-Friday on one mode of transport or €30 euro on both the Luas and Dublin Bus.
A daily cap of €5 on one mode of transport or €7.50 cap on both the Luas and Dublin Bus.
More information can be found https://www.studentleapcard.ie/.

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