Why Fill Out ISSE 2018?


The Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) is a national survey aimed at gathering feedback from First Years, Final Years and Taught Postgraduate of their learning and college experience. All Universities and Institutes of Technology are involved. Also, this year sees the first time a similar survey being piloted with research students and DIT are one of a few institutes involved in it.

I know you’re asking yourself – is this just another survey which students are asked to fill out, give feedback on their experience in college but the result being that nothing gets done about it and is just needless data which the college holds?

If you asked me this last year I would have agreed with that. I was a final year student filling it out myself. In my current role as Vice President for Education, my perception has changed and I’m now heavily invested in promoting this year’s survey.

As part of my role and sitting on many boards and committees, I see the results of ISSE 2017 being scrutinised at Institute, College and even School level and feeding into the Quality Action Plan which DIT use to inform itself of areas of improvement that needs action as it affects students’ learning experience. By filling out the survey, it helps both your Union and Institute do this effectively and make everyone’s time in DIT the best it can be.

ISSE results are now made public. This means that when the results are given to the Institute, it can’t be hidden behind some department door hoping no one sees some of the poor results which might damage DIT’s reputation. DIT now takes notice of the results and sees areas that need addressing at both Institute and College level, knowing it could have an effect on student admissions, current student engagement and its reputation on the national and international stage. The results of all participating Institutions are available to view and compare on the Student Survey website.

I urge all those in first year, final year, taught and research postgraduate to take the time to fill out this survey which runs until 4th March. Especially those in final year, it may seem pointless in filling it out because you’re about to leave and feel your opinion is irrelevant. However, there’s a reason why final year are singled out to fill out the survey; because your experiences over the three, four or even five years of college can inform the college if you were satisfied of your time studying here and from that look into the data to see what it needs to improve on.

If you haven’t filled out the survey, check your student email or fill it out in this link here.  You’ll be in with the chance of winning Beats Headphones or an iPad!

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