Welfare Update


Semester 1 is coming to a close and needless to say it was hectic but I enjoyed meeting all the new and current students in DIT the past few months. Just a quick reflection on some of the highlights that I’ve done as Welfare office this semester.

  1. Supporting and guiding students in any queries about accommodation and finance.
  2. Bullying awareness Campaign to highlight that no student should be a bystander and what to do if you see someone being bullied.
  3. Personal safety campaign to show the impact of alcohol on everyday tasks and I have safety tips on how to stay safe during freshers week and throughout the year, such as keeping your taxi money separate so you don’t spend it. 4.  Repeal the 8th placard workshops were great fun and we had a great turnout at the national students for choice protest from DIT students.
  4. Be Sound Be Well Mental health Campaign lasted two whole weeks this year which consisted of over 30 events. 45+ students completed suicide prevention training.

6. Be Sound Be Informed, Mini Shag week tackled sexual health awareness across all campuses with visits from Dublin Rape Crisis, Irish Family Planning and the DIT Medical Centre.

7. 1,000 students were registered to vote alongside the College Officer on all campuses. It’s important to have your voice heard as students.

8. I lobbied the canteen in Grangegorman for cheaper and better food choice with the College Officer, Jacinta. Which was successful, there is not cheaper student meals options available in the Grangegorman Canteen.

9. I’ve fought for repair and replacement of new facilities and plan to continue doing this.

10.Over 100 students signed up and I’ve had two fun and engaging meetings with Welfare Crew. Never too late to join welfare crew!


Strike a pose – Ro for Welfare!

11. I’ve developed and successfully passed various policies and motions at student council.

12. I’ve worked with various different Societies this year such as Pro Choice Society, Feminist Society, Mental Health and LGBT Societies and collborated on many campaigns / events.

13. I’ve been putting forward project ideas to further the safety for students at various health and safety committee’s across all sites.

Semester 2

I’ve learnt a lot from the past few months and welfare officer and I can’t wait to tackle semester 2 by being more prepared and planning ahead.

What to expect?

  • Body Positivity Campaign with the Nutrition Society
  • SHAG Week
  • Be Sound Please Talk Mental Health Campaign with Please Talk mental health organisation
  • LGBTI+ Events with LGBT Society
  • Mental Health Training

I’m looking forward to coming into semester 2 with bigger and better ideas! Hope to see some new faces around.

Ro x

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