Cooking at home as a student can be tricky. If you’re like me and you don’t live with your parents while in college, then you’ll know the struggle. Takeaways pretty much makes it easy for us to be lazy but then again money won’t always allow for that. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be hard and I love to find new dishes to make that are affordable but still good. These two recipes are exactly that; they don’t require a lot of ingredients (or cooking skill so don’t get scared). Vegetarians can also enjoy this dish, just remove the chorizo. They are done in 10 minutes and don’t require a bunch of washing up afterwards! All of these ingredients can be found in your local supermarket and won’t cost you much at all.

Breakfast Quesadilla

For this recipe you will need; 2 spring onions, *chorizo, grated cheese, 2 tortillas

*Chorizo can be found in most supermarkets for around €2.

First chop up your spring onions, then cut about 6-8 slices of chorizo (more if you wish, of course). Then take a pan and turn the heat on high. Put on tortilla in the pan and wait for it to warm up. This takes about 2 minutes. You can tell when it’s ready when you (carefully) touch the tortilla with the back of your hand; if it’s warm then it’s time to flip it over. While the other side is warming up, add your cheese, spring onions and chorizo. Make sure you spread it out evenly so you aren’t left with gaps of nothing in your quesadilla. Put a second tortilla on top to finish it off. Using a spatula, carefully flip the quesadilla and let the other side warm up. Once the cheese has melted, you know it’s done. Remove it from the pan and it’s ready to slice, and eat!

Breakfast Burrito

For this recipe you will need; 1 egg, 1 spring onion, 8-10 slices of chorizo, grated cheese, 1 tortilla

For this recipe, you can use multiple pans but I stuck to one so you don’t need to do as much washing up later.

Begin by cooking the chorizo in a pan, on high heat. You don’t need to add oil because as the chorizo cooks, it will release its own fat. While that’s cooking, beat the egg in a bowl. Usually this is when I would tell you to add salt but since the chorizo is quite salty, you don’t need to add any extra yourself. The chorizo is finished once it’s gone a darker color and it’s crispy; it will take about 3-4 minutes. Then remove the chorizo and set it aside. Carefully with a kitchen towel, wipe out the extra fat from the chorizo, then place your tortilla in the pan and let it warm up (remember to flip it so both sides get toasted). Once it’s warmed up, remove it from the pan. Now add the egg. Here, you can go two ways; if you can make an omelette, do that. Try to get a nice even circle when pouring in the egg and let it cook all the way through. However if you’re not good at making omelettes, you can still make it scrambled. Just scramble the eggs until they are cooked to your liking. Once the eggs are done, carefully transfer it to your tortilla. Then add the chorizo, spring onions and cheese. Roll it up and it’s ready to be enjoyed!

If you want to switch it up a bit and make it into a lunch rather than breakfast, you can add ready-made chicken slices instead of the chorizo to make it more filling. If you don’t like chorizo, you can switch it out for ham instead. If you want to get really fancy and go the extra mile, have some fresh tomatoes and/cucumbers on the side. The best thing about both of these recipes is that they are portable; either make them in the morning (or make them the night before and microwave them before you leave), wrap them in aluminum foil and they’ll keep warm even on the go. Personally I enjoy the quesadilla even once it’s gone cold but maybe that’s just me!

So there you have it, two easy and quick breakfast options that student with any skill level of cooking can make. If you do try it, good luck and I hope you like it!

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