Semester 1 Exam Results are out!


It’s that time of the year again when Exam Results are published, some may be out already and for those who haven’t got theirs please check in with your Local Exams Office to find out more as some may be released later in the next week or so! 

We have put together some useful information you might need during this period: 

  1. Check your TU Dublin email to find out when the results are available – there isn’t one release date for all students. You access results by clicking here and logging on with your student number and six-digit password. If you have difficulties with the email / login get in touch with your local Exams office.
  2. When the results are published you may have queries about the marks you got, especially if you’re surprised or disappointed, So the first thing you should do is Get Feedback from your School.  Even if you are pleased with the outcome, it’s always useful and it’s Your Right as per the TU Dublin City Campus General Assessment Regulations

The key to Viewing of Assessments/Examination Scripts is being aware of the DEADLINES

Each School is supposed to publish dates for the viewing of exam scripts and provision of feedback, ask your in your School Office for details of when and where.  This shall normally be scheduled within FOUR DAYS of the publication of results.  Drop into any of the Students’ Union Advice offices and talk to your local Student Advisor if you’re having difficulties or need more information.

Other steps include the following; 


    • When a student requests to have their work re-checked the lecturer goes back over the student’s answers to each question attempted were marked, added up correctly and recorded accurately.
    • The paper is not re-read.  No change is made to the original allocation of marks. The totalling of the marks is simply re-checked.
    • Requests for re-check should be made within 3 days of viewing the script by filling the attached form.
    • The re-check fee is €15 per subject.


    • When a student requests to have their work remarked the examiner will re-read the exam paper and make amendments to the original marks where appropriate.
    • This may mean that the final result will increase or decrease. 
    • Request for re-mark should be made within 5 days of viewing a script or 2 days of a re-check by filling in the attached form.
    • The re-mark fee is €60 per subject/module.


If you want to dispute the decision of the Examination Board in relation to marks given any exam or assessment you can submit an Examination Appeal. 


(i) That the General Assessment Regulations have not been properly implemented.

(ii) That circumstances exist which may not have been specifically covered by these Regulations.

(iii) That there is new, attested, documented and relevant valid information that was not made available to the Exam Board for justifiable reason, and therefore not considered.

An Appeal must be lodged with the relevant Examinations Officer or College Manager within seven working days of the date scheduled for the viewing of the examination script accompanied by a fee of €75.00. The Form is available here

We would encourage speaking with your local Student Advisor in the Students’ Union or your lecturers if you are considering Appeal. 

You can find more information on these forms and procedures here. 

If you need help filling out your form or need to ask a question we would encourage you to  please contact a Student Advisor or email

I wish you all the very best in your results and for the rest of the semester! 

Remember the Students’ Union are always here for you if you have any issues or queries or just want to drop in to say Hello! 

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