Love or Hate how your Programme was Run this Year?


Change is made by the people who speak up.

As students, you are the most important stakeholders to be considered when the University looks at how to improve the quality of the education it provides.

One way your opinion is gathered is through the annual Programme Survey Questionnaire also known as the Q6C form. This is issued at the end of the second semester to all students and is a chance for you to comment on things like how your modules were delivered, overall content, the methods of assessment, resources available etc.

This year the questions have been modified to take account of Covid-19. The University is trying to get a full understanding of the impact of the changes to teaching and assessment that took place as a result of the buildings closing.

How easy/difficult was it for you to continue to engage with your learning on the programme? Were there changes to your workload? Did you have access to stable technology? Were you fully informed of changes to your assessments?

This is vital information to assist TU Dublin as it plans programme delivery in the new academic year in September.

In these uncertain times your opinion is more critical than ever before, and we want you to have your say!

Make sure you use this opportunity; check your Student email account for this message for your specific programme link and let the university know what you think!

Your feedback will enable the School to review the programme and make enhancements, as all your survey responses are completely anonymized and will be considered by programme committees, school executives, academic boards and the Academic Quality Assurance Committee.

Please respond to the questions constructively, giving careful and serious thought to each question in order for a good understanding of your experience to be obtained. It is important that no personal comments in relation to other students or staff members should be made.

If you have any queries you can contact

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Don’t hesitate to drop us an email at should you have any queries!

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