Post Grad Officer Update

First I must sincerely appreciate my fellow postgrads for counting me worthy to represent you, it’s been such an opportunity I can’t take for granted. Looking back, though it may have been just a couple of weeks down the road, it has been one full of proficient representation across councils at both local and national level. All of which would not have been possible without the support and care from my fellow efficient DITSU officers and staff who continued to guide and encourage me, and ensuring I got adequate training preparing me for the task ahead.
It has been a rollercoaster of seeking for Postgraduate Class Reps and engagement to having quite a number participate in the Postgrad Class Rep training in November, with promising positives towards better engagement when we secured a School Rep from the Postgrad circle and membership interests for Student Council (this part of the manifesto is certainly racking up!
DITSU Postgraduate Officer; Daniel Sogaolu
Also on national level, issues have been raised in relations to research and medical sciences students on placement, not leaving out the prevailing accommodation debacle with subsequent actions to be taken.
Apparently no specific Postgrad event has taken place just yet, I can assure you to be on the look out for what’s coming up next semester!
It’s been an honour serving you all this semester.
Do enjoy your holidays and have a happy Christmas!
Don’t get stuck tearing the xmas turkey, remember to study hard and prepare for your exams ahead!
Best of luck!
See y’all in TU….Dublin!!!

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