Vegetarians…LOOK AWAY NOW: the ultimate guide to Pitt Bros Dublin


Carnivorous is the one word that springs to mind when talking about Pits Bros. It definitely abides by the motto of a good barbecue, which is “low and slow cooking”. Each meal is made from prime quality Irish meat whether it is the beef, pork or chicken. Carefully grilled for fourteen hours to be handpicked and nurtured just for you. The rubs range from smoky sweet (St. Louis ribs) to spicy (Original Pits Bros ribs) for those who like a bit of kick in their food.

The menu is concise and direct. To the point where it is actually simple for someone (me) to memorise and order without looking (sad life). Don’t look at it and think that there is lack of options because when everything on the menu and I mean EVERYTHING taste that good it is hard to reach a decision.

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The Brisket that has been thoroughly tenderised and well seasoned, when it arrives in front of you your knife softly slices through it like butter. It falls apart quite easily that it has you questioning whether you order the brisket or the pulled pork.

Then you have your burgers. They range from pulled pork to chicken and even brisket. They are filled with fresh iceberg lettuce, crisp onions and creamy mature Irish white cheddar. Some have additional onion rings and another meat of choice (Pits Bros burger). So it is more helpful to experiment the variety with the help of their deals. Deals like their Lunch Deal, where for €10 you get a drink, a bun and ice cream. But with your DitSu card you get it for €8! Now it may not seem like much, but that €2 you just saved is bus fare for your way home, or 2 McDonald hamburgers or even 40 jellies from Centra…think of the possibilities.

But one of the best deals in there is the Meat Combo deal. This includes any 3 meats and two sides all for €19.95. To choose the sides are another problem in its own. The mac and cheese is rich, the bone marrow mash full of flavour and don’t even get me started on onion rings! This is almost impossible to finish all by yourself, trust me I have tried. So you will end up going half with a friend which ends up being a tenner each.

Pretty good value for all you are getting. Did I mention all you can eat ice cream. They had the option to get the cheap type of softies but the ice cream is surprisingly delicious just like everything that comes with the place. The best part is where the cone and ice cream meet, just bliss.

When going to Pits Bros you don’t only pay for the well marinated meats but a wonderful customer service. The staff

Photography: Tasty Bites

are genuinely friendly and give a great impression. They are really helpful to all, the new comers, the regulars and the perpetually confused. This enhances the calm and comfy atmosphere of the place. Regardless of the location, you can’t help but feel relaxed as you are surrounded by good friends (hopefully) and banter as you slowly slip into a food coma.

Pits Bros is even more conveniently located near DIT students with the new addition of another restaurant. The original location is Unit 1, Wicklow House, Georges Street, near Dames Street, quite close to Angier and Kevin Street.

Photography: Tasty Bites

The newly opened Pits Bros is situated on Millennium Walkway just across from Ha’penny Bridge. With its new opening it offered free bbq from 1pm until the meat ran out. It generated huge publicity for the place. This location is close to those who attend Bolton Street and Cathal Brugha Street DIT campuses.

Also with this new locale a renewed version of the old menu is offered here. There have been additional choices in the menu. These include Bourbon back ribs, sweet St Louis ribs, smoked chicken salad, pork and greens and many more.

So with these many perks it is no wonder that it has been increasing in popularity by relying on the word mouth only. Therefore receiving many reviews from some sites such as Zomato, Tripadvisor and Google reviews just to name a few.

After going through the pros (amazing food and service) and cons (does not take bookings and food presentation is lacking) I accumulated the average result. From 4 separate sites possessing over 100 reviews on the restaurant I got and average rating to be 4/5 stars approximately.

So in conclusion, Pits Bros is most definitely a worthwhile place to visit if you are new or simply hungry. If you are a meat lover like myself and want to get your money’s worth, trust me you will be waddling out full and sated. So drop down even if it is to see what crazy display they have in the window next. Pits Bros has nothing but good people, good food and good vibes. You have nothing to lose. Hopefully I have assisted in answering at least one student’s question of…


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