Student Leader Says Changes to SUSI Grant Scheme Are Welcome, But More Needs To Be Done To Relieve Financial Pressure On Students


The SUSI eligibility reforms are a reasonable first step, but they do not come close to solving the financial burdens faced by students.” – Saoirse Daly, Vice President for Education, TU Dublin Students’ Union

Saoirse Daly, Vice President for Education at TU Dublin Students’ Union, has said that the SUSI reforms which come into effect this September are a welcome first step, but that the Government needs to do more to alleviate the cost of education for everyone.

Speaking at the start of the annual Leaving Certificate examinations, the student leader said that while changes to eligibility criteria would hopefully help reduce the barriers to education, much more should be done to ensure that those who secure college places can afford to stay the course.

Ms Daly said, “The reforms to the SUSI grant system which take effect from the start of the next academic year are a reasonable first step. However, students are currently experiencing incredible financial strain, and many are really struggling. While these measures will hopefully help lessen the barriers to education, they don’t come close to solving the financial burdens faced by students.”

The SUSI reforms are part of a number of measures aimed at tackling the cost of education, including a reduction in the contribution fee of €1,500 for households earning between €55,240 to €62,000, as well as a reduction of €500 in the contribution fee for eligible households earning between €62,000 and €100,000.

Stating that students were experiencing sustained financial pressure, Ms Daly added, “Ongoing increases in the cost of living and difficulties in securing reasonably priced accommodation are just two of the major challenges being faced by our members on a daily basis. In the face of these difficulties, it is clear that greater supports are needed to help students complete their chosen courses of study.”

“While students will appreciate these initial reforms, more needs to be done. TU Dublin Students’ Union will continue to do everything in its power to ensure that the government remains firmly focused on reducing barriers to education and alleviating the ongoing financial burdens on students,” Ms Daly concluded.

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