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For the launch of our newsletter in September, we partnered with IKEA to offer students not just one, but THREE opportunities to win a fantastic prize, tastier than a Swedish meatball! A bumper pack of goodies to kit out their room as a fantastic study space.

We asked students to write a short piece under the heading of ‘Silver Linings, finding the good in a bad situation’.  To say we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the entries is an understatement. It was a very difficult task to narrow down the selection and choose the three winners. Every entry was really enjoyable to read and it gave the opportunity to “look on the bright side” which is always welcomed.

Some entries made us smile, some brought a tear to our eyes, and that’s what good writing can do, it can evoke feelings, so well done to EVERYONE who took time to enter. I would encourage anyone who took the time to enter, even those who did not win, if you have a passion or enjoyment of writing please enquire about joining our Tudsu TV media crew, we LOVE getting fresh talent as everyone new brings a new perspective.

But without further ado, allow me to share with you, the winners!!

(Winners are listed in alphabetical order).


Samantha Corcoran a mature student in first year of Applied Social Care on the Tallaght campus sent us this wonderful, thought-provoking poem that allowed us to reflect on the positives we found during Covid 19 and reminded us of the importance of Solidarity.

The world suddenly stopped. It took a well needed rest.
Unexpected free time for us, even if under duress.
We turned on the news and saw our world being distorted.
We were given the time to question ‘well, what really is important?’

While we sat around the telly completely flabbergasted,
We turned to those closest and said, ‘We WILL get past this!’
The shops are not open, nor are the pubs,
No social cafes, no more sports clubs.

But an internet connection, for most this need is met
And so, we began connecting in a way we will never forget.
We worked out what Zoom was and found company in each other
We picked up lost connections with our sisters and brothers,

Our grannies and grandads, our cousins and neighbours.
We asked people in our area if they needed any favours.
We clapped for the frontline and came together as a nation,
to do our best to get through a bad situation.

And after months of perseverance, we can still be found smiling
Because we can see that Solidarity is our Brightest Silver Lining.



Christian MacLachlan a second year City Campus student studying Accounting & Finance in Aungier Street sent us this “enLIGHTening” entry. He also sent a beautiful accompanying picture illustrating his entry. His entry reminds us the importance of maintaining our social connections, (in a small, safe, socially distant way). It also encourages us to remember you CAN be the good in situations, and it’s a good idea lead by your example, to be the change you want to see happen.

June 9th 2020

As the evening procedurally swept over Dublin, a group of young men found themselves congregating (yet again) in a local field. Each arrived armed with their weapon of choice, be it cans of beer, a football, cigarettes or snacks. In this group, about a dozen strong, misfortune had reared its ugly head as it so often does. Summer plans had dissolved, future decisions were totally uncertain, and an overbearing stress had descended into their minds. A constant worry of where they could assimilate, whether their family would get sick, when the country would recover, if ever! The undertones of what was going on in the world would seemingly set the mood sour.

The young men sat together, laughed, drank, shared stories, and provided enough mirth to keep their small area of the field bright, even well after the sunset. Each knew how dire things were and how much worse they could potentially get. Despite this, each could appreciate the moment as if nothing were untoward with the world. There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you.

Our third winner is Katrina Senne another second year student. She is studying DNA and Forensics on the Tallaght campus. You can see Katrina pictured with some of her prizes below.

Her heart-warming entry made us sit back and think about what is really important in life. Oftentimes we do not appreciate what we have, including loved ones until we no longer have them. This submission reminds us all the importance of letting those we care about and love know it. So, when better time than now? Take the time today to tell at least one person you care about, just what they mean to you.

It was the middle of March, and you got sick, not surprising considering your occupation, and how still new, and raw this plague was. People yet still oblivious to its dominating and destructive nature. The next two weeks we would be prisoned in our own house, except our windows weren’t barred up, and the doors didn’t have a lock to which we didn’t possess a key to. I didn’t see you for days. Only sleepless nights, filled with excruciating coughs, desperately choking for air. I don’t know if you felt fear or pain, but my heart sure wept for you. I only saw you once in those two weeks, crossing our paths in the corridor, leaving our room at the same time, a risky coincidence. You had a mask on, I imagined that it hid a smile under it, I hoped you had the strength for one.

Eventually you got better, but your health was the price to pay, for me to realize how ungrateful I was thinking I’d have you forever, I’m glad I realized sooner than later while I still have time to repay you this immense debt. Thank you, Mom, for keeping me safe those two weeks.



Wow! I hope you all feel as warm and fuzzy as we all did after reading them. Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered, and congratulations once again to our fantastic winners! Bualadh Bos go leir!

Make sure to keep an eye on our Newsletter which gets sent directly to student emails, and our social channels @tudublinsu so more chances to win great prizes and ways to get involved!

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