Activists, The State and Inequality Part 1

Tonie Walsh. Courtsey of the Irish Examiner

The state of the country is in terrible disarray. In a dark bottomless pit of fear, famine and hopelessness there is a light. That light is the activists who won’t accept the status quo, they are the people who rise to the occasion when everyone else has given up. 

Siona Cahill. Photo courtsey of Hotpress

When we think of activists we think of people like Siona Cahill, Tonie Walsh, Ailbhe Smyth, Grainne Healy, Moninne Griffith and so many others who have but everything on the line for the common good to shape the world as we know it. 

In this piece I will document the lives of activists who chose to do so much. The people who fight tirelessly for change that this country desperately needs, they don’t fight the system for their own personal gain, but they fight for the next Generation, so they don’t have to face the same hardship as my generation is. 

So, who am I? Well My name is Conor. I’m a freelance journalist who is a Dublin born LGBT+ lad who loves to march, plan and support Social justice movements from everythinto Repeal to the Abolishment of Direct Provision to LGBT rights. I do what I do not because I want to but because I need to. Thankfully I have had the pleasure to meet some wonderful people who I have become great friends of mine over the years 

In this series I hope to educate people who have never involved themselves in any form of activism in hope they will join the cause of human rights activism because at the end of the day that is what all activism is all about human rights.  

The undeniable fact that each person that lives in this country deserves, the right to a home, the right to accessible affordable healthcare, the right to live without discrimination and above all the right to decide how you want to live their lives. 

In this series I will interview activists from all walks of life who have different stories and who have made this country a better place. 

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