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The threat of exams is ever present for some and has even been known to cause ongoing spells of procrastination! But don’t worry – Your Students’ Union knows exams and we are here to help. It’s not just about the day of the exams; it’s about making sure you know when your exam results are published, how you can access them and what to do if you’ve any queries. When will the Semester 1 Exam results be available?

Most results will be released in the DIT self-service system from Friday, 10th February. When your results have been released you will receive an e-mail from your Exams Office to your student email account advising you that your results are now available.

Students can access results once released by logging on with their student number and six digit password or download the DIT Student Services App from the Google Play Store/Apple Store. Once downloaded students can use this Self-Service app to access Exam Results/Select Modules and Register for their DIT programme on an annual basis.

Are all DIT results available on February 10th?

No. Unfortunately not all results will be available on Feb 10th. Some programmes won’t be releasing results until February 22nd. These are listed on the DIT website at the following link.…

Can I check that my pin / password is working correctly in advance of the release date?

Yes. You should make sure that your pin is working so that you can access your results without any technical problems on the day.

What if I can’t have issue access the system?

There are generally four reasons why students cannot access their account so you should run through this check list to see if any apply to you.
PIN Expired: Your PIN expires automatically every 90 days, you will be prompted to reset your pin on your next login.
Too many attempts: Too many attempts with an incorrect pin will lock your account, please contact student services or the Registration service to have your pin reset. If after your results are released you are still experiencing difficulties with your PIN please contact your exams office for further information.
Fees Outstanding: According to DIT policy fees for students who started their programme in September 2016 due by 31st January 2017, if you have fees outstanding after this date your pin will be locked and you will be unable to access the system. Contact the Student Services Centres if you need to clarify anything to do with fees.
If you are an International Student you should contact the Fees Office to check the status of your account.
Other: Your PIN is blocked and you are unsure why, please contact Student Services Offices for advice. If after the results are released you are still experiencing difficulties with your PIN please contact your Exams Office for further information.

What can I do if I have queries about some of my results?

Viewing of Assessments/Examination Scripts: Students who wish to discuss their examination results in any assessment should contact the School/Department to get information on the dates for the viewing of examination scripts. [see section 14.1 of the General Assessment Regulations].

Viewing of examination scripts and provision of feedback shall normally be scheduled within four days of the publication of results. The Head of School or nominee shall produce the assessed work and demonstrate to the student the basis on which the marks were awarded.

What is a Recheck? When a student requests to have their work re-checked the examiner goes back over the students’ assessment and re-totals the marks allocated to ensure they are correct and that all answers were included. Remember, the paper is not re-read so the totaling of the marks is simply re-checked.

Requests for Recheck should be make within 3 days of viewing of script. The form is available from DITSU Offices and website, the Exams Offices and on the DIT website. It shall also involve establishing that all answers, part-answers and/or other assessment materials have been assessed. An unsuccessful outcome arising from this process may not be used as grounds for Appeal.

What is involved in a ‘Remark’? When a student requests to have their work Remarked the examiner will re-read the exam paper and make any amendments to the original marks where appropriate.

This may mean that the final result will increase or decrease. Request for re-mark should be made within 5 days of viewing a script or 2 days of a re-check. The Head of School or nominee will make the necessary arrangement for the re-mark, where deemed necessary.

What is an Exam Appeal? An appeal against the decision of a Progression and Award Board must be submitted together with a fee of €75 on the form A/A 1 which you can get from the Examinations Office or the SU Office. Such forms must be submitted within seven working days of the date scheduled for the viewing of the examination script. The grounds for appeal are stated on the form and students must clearly identify the grounds on which they are appealing;

Grounds for appeal are as follows: (i) That the General Examination Regulations of the Institute have not been properly implemented. (ii) That circumstances exist which may not have been specifically covered by the Regulations. (iii) That there is new, attested, documented and relevant information that was not made available to the Examination Board for justifiable reason, and therefore not considered.

If you need more details these FAQs or you need us to clarify anything about exams & results please contact your local Students’ Union staff who will do their best to help.

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