TU Dublin Students’ Union Hosts Final Student Council Meeting of 2022/23 in Dublin City Hall 


SU Council Adopts Policy on Fair Pay for Work, in addition to a motion on improved infrastructure support and funding for TU Dublin Bolton Street and Linenhall Campuses.

Graham Hayes reappointed as Chair of Student Council for a second three-year term.

TU Dublin Students’ Union held its final Student Council meeting of the year in the Council Chambers at Dublin City Hall on Tuesday April 18th 2023. The Student Council is the main decision-making body for TU Dublin Students’ Union, with a membership made up of 101 student representatives, elected from across all campuses.

The meeting of the student body heard debates on several important motions, including the adoption of a new policy on Fair Pay for Work. The policy mandates TU Dublin Students’ Union to advance fair pay for work done by all students, and to advocate that student work placements with payment should be the University’s preferred option, wherever possible. Councillors also passed a motion urging the SU to advocate for improved infrastructure support and funding for the Bolton Street and Linenhall Campuses, to help improve the quality of student life on both campuses.

The final meeting also saw Student Councillors vote on a number of key appointments, including the election of three Directors and one student member to the Board of TU Dublin SU CLG. Graham Hayes was reappointed as Chair of Student Council for a three-year term, while members also voted to fill the last two remaining part-time officer positions on the SU Leadership Team for 2023/24. Italian student Marco Nocerino was elected to the position of International Student Officer, with Samantha Corcoran elected as LGBTQ+ Officer. Both will take up their positions at the start of July along with the other members of the TU Dublin SU Leadership Team.

Student councillors also voted on the SU RAG Charity for 2023/24. Having heard presentations from four charities including Blood Bike East, Cardiac Risk in the Young Ireland, Cancer Fund for Children and the Irish Cancer Society, the SU Council selected the Irish Cancer Society as their designated RAG Charity partner for the next academic year.

The final meeting concluded by noting that Student Councillors had been very productive throughout their term in office, having successfully passed twenty-two motions and adopted three new policies during the course of 2022-23. Thanking members for their excellent engagement and valuable participation during the year, the Executive encouraged applications for the role of Student Councillors when nominations open in the autumn. A vote of thanks was also extended to Dublin City Council for making their prestigious council chambers available and facilitating TU Dublin SU in holding of the final SU Council meeting of 2023.

Further details on the TU Dublin Student Council can be found here, along with comprehensive details and information on current motions and policies at TU Dublin Students’ Union.

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