Referendum 2022 – Vote Yes


Yes. It’s one word, with a whole lot of power.

‘Yes’ can mean many things. It can be what makes you go on a night out instead of staying at home. It can be what makes you go on that Tinder date you were nervous about. And it can mean improving your entire college experience here in TU Dublin.

Confused? Perfect, I usually am too! Let me give you some backstory about how the word ‘Yes’ can change your life – trust me, the 3 minute read will be worth it.

Several years ago, there were three colleges called DIT, ITT, and ITB. There was a merger, which lead to TU Dublin. At the same time, there were three Students’ Unions – aptly named DITSU, ITTSU, and ITBSU. When they simultaneously merged, the overall President was the only new position introduced; all other officers remained the same.

The current structure is notably unbalanced. We have 21 officers across our campuses: 3 Welfare & Equality Officers, 2 Education Officers, 1 Events Officer and various Part-Time Officers with completely different roles on each campus, some of them in positions covering work that no longer makes any sense.

It was always intended that a new structure for TU Dublin SU would be needed; it was also intended that a university-wide referendum would therefore be carried out.

And guess what?

That time has come. On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November, the Students’ Union will finally be holding this university-wide referendum. This means we’ll be asking students to vote either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to various proposed changes. These changes, if accepted, will reflect a Union that works across 5 campuses for 30,000 students.

If this referendum is passed, we will finally have an officer structure that benefits all students equally. This means that whether you study in Blanchardstown campus, City Campus, or Tallaght campus, you’ll be treated the same. You’ll get better events, better representation and above all else, a better college experience.

The full-time elected officers, including myself as your SU President, are therefore advocating for you to vote ‘Yes’. The decision to bring these changes to referendum have been unanimously supported by the full-time officers, the constitutional discussion panel, student council, and an overwhelming majority of class reps.

And that’s where you come in.

These changes, which can improve your time here at TU Dublin, can only happen with your help. You firstly need to vote, and you secondly need to vote ‘Yes’.

The time has come for the students of TU Dublin to take ownership over their time here. You can quite literally change the face of the Union, just by voting ‘Yes’.

Very few things in life can be achieved by simply ticking a box – but this is one of them. And if you’d like to do more than just tick a box, then you can help us on the polling days (22-24th November) on any campus by encouraging others to vote! We’ll give you t-shirts, you’ll be alongside the other officers, and it’ll be a lot of fun:

And if you want to know more about the referendum itself, then you can find more information here on our website:

As I said before, ‘yes’ Is one word, with a whole lot of power.

So make it count – and vote for a better Students’ Union.


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