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You’ve joined the SMC, you’re excited about getting your ideas, thoughts and opinions out there. This guide will help you structure your writing and keep you on the straight and narrow.

Step 1. Your title, straight to the point and easy to recognise. An example, You want to write a piece on how to navigate the campus as a new student to the college, Your title ‘’A guide to starting college’’ quick and straightforward to catch the readers eye.

Step 2. The introduction paragraph. It needs to be simple and grab the readers attention, introduce what you have written in no more than 30 words be clear and precise about you would like to write about.

Step 3. Remember the 5 W’s and H. Who are you, What are you writing about, Where did you get your information from including correct and precis information from credible sources (Sorry Wikipedia doesn’t count), Why did you decide to write (Why is it important for people to know about this article), When do you want to publish your article (Is it essential for your piece to be published before or after an event, i.e. the start or halfway through the semester) and How do you want to finish this article (Final argument or paragraph).

Step 4. Use the active tense… ‘’I wrote this article to highlight how you can transition into first year’’ instead of ‘’I have written this article to show you how to transition into first year’’ which is the past tense.

Step 5. Why do you want the reader to care and understand what you have written, how will your article help a student navigate their first year in a new college. What advice were you told about when you started in the college? It is an excellent opportunity for you to pass along your experience and knowledge to help the next generation of students to the college.

Step 6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the TUDSU tv media team who can help you with proofreading or how to convey your message that will best help a new student to the campus.

Step 7. Use precise language, keep how you communicate the information and message simple for the reader.

Step 8. Engage others in contributing to your article because the reader would love to hear different perspective and advice from a student who has gone through the same experience you have. This is an opportunity for you to hear other views and guidance to be included in your article.

Step 9. Follow your gut, trust that what you have to convey to the reader is necessary to make your first year in college less complicated.

Step 10. Your final paragraph should summarise what you have talked about throughout your article, ‘’With these helpful tips, you should get used to the campus and university life quicker than you think and don’t be afraid to admit when you’re struggling the Lecturers and Student union are there as a resource to support you throughout your degree’’. This helps the reader know that everyone has a hard time in your first year, so they feel less alone through the process.

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