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Recent BIMM Dublin graduate, Megan Nic Ruairí, gives us a taste of what is to come with a debut single that deals with a romanticised love story and how we cope during the fallout of these relationships. ‘Can’t Trust the Moon‘ was released on April 10th 2020 and I got in contact with Megan to find out more about her songwriting and how she is staying creative during the lock-down.

Your Irish heritage is something that you are very proud of. How do you use this sense of pride and identity in your song writing?

Irish people are proud storytellers and sing with such raw emotion that I always write to perform powerfully and honestly with the intention of telling my own story. My music comes from the heart and I really try to bare my soul. I’ve been singing in our native language nearly my whole life, despite growing up in England and not really understanding what I was saying.  I’ve always been able to feel everything by appreciating the intent behind the melody’s and musicality. Once I learnt the language and it’s profound poetry and way of wording, it felt so organic and was always something I needed to express in my own art. I don’t necessarily believe that everyone needs to understand the story behind music but as long as you can make someone feel something, you’ve succeeded.

You’ve grown up in a creative environment, playing in your family band, Clann Mhic Ruairí. How does it feel to be releasing music as a solo artist?

I have to say it feels amazing. Performing with my family since I was sixteen has led me to this point and I absolutely will not be leaving CMR any time soon but it feels so right to be focusing on my own music. I’ve been gearing up to this moment for a long time now and it’s such a relief to finally have the wheels in motion. Everything I’ve learnt over the years has made going solo less scary and I’m absolutely loving every minute of it.

What are your goals for your music after the corona-virus?

As soon as this is all over I’ll be in the studio straight away. Unfortunately I’m useless at anything technical so at the moment I’m just writing, writing, writing. Cian Synnott who recorded ‘Can’t Trust the Moon’ has become a very good friend and we’ve been talking a lot about our approach for the next release. I’m so excited to release more music and show different sides to my sound. I hope everyone is minding themselves and looking after each other. Soon enough we’ll all be together again, enjoying good times but for now, I will definitely be staying home and writing.

‘Can’t Trust the Moon’ is available for streaming across major platforms and the video is available on YouTube

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