Why the Tiger King is what you need to be watching right now

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This is probably the most important thing you need to be watching, the tiger king is a docuseries on Netflix. 

The series follows a number of exotic cat people in America. I started on a whim seeing it was quite popular and that it was on Netflix and I didn’t have too much to do. 

But I very quickly became obsessed.  

I have watched three episodes and a lot has already happened. There is a suspicious death, an arm ripped off, exotic cats, arson, magic and polyamory. 

The tiger king himself is an exotic cat breeder called Joe Exotic, he has an arch nemesis, Carole Baskin.  Carole Baskin is the owner of big cat rescue. Her and Joe have a feud that has lasted years and a lot of this was broadcasted over the internet. 

Image via Bustle.com – Joe & his husbands

Joe Exotic is in a polyamorous relationship with two other men, there is a lot of talk of power balance in the multiple polyamorous relationships between the owners of these exotic cat places. 

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins Feud, is the main part of the series so far and is way more out of hand then I thought it would. At one point Joe flew a helicopter over Big Cat Rescue (Carole’s “sanctuary”) and spoke about how much he would like to drop grenades onto her. He also makes multiple threats in wanting to kill her. Carole has spent over $100,000 in legal fees trying to sue Joe.

The show has so many twists and turns as well as some truly phenomenal outfits.

It’s hard not to keep watching!!

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