Help Flatten the Curve


What is flattening the Curve? Over the last number of days governments, scientists and health officials in Ireland have been using the phrase a lot. Simply put the very strange situation that we all now find ourselves in are measures put in place to lower and delay the epidemic peak. This is so that our health service (1) has a chance to prepare for the wave people infected by Covid-19 (2) can cope with the numbers if they are spread out over a longer period of time.


Each of us can take very simple measures can keep the risk of infection down and help flatten the curve!

Ideally with warm water and soap. Using water doesn’t kill the virus, it physically removes them from your hands and down the drain. You should move your hands vigorously under the water for around 20 seconds (sing happy birthday to yourself). If you don’t have soap, don’t worry, water is still the most effective way of cleaning your hands. If you are out and about use hand-sanitiser that is 60% alcohol or more when necessary.

One of the most difficult to remember. Who knew you touched your face so much!? Viruses can usually transmitted through eyes, nose and month, so keeping dirty (or unwashed hands) away from the face entirely.


When coughing or sneezing do so into a clean tissue that you immediately dispose of. If you don’t have a tissue use your elbow not your hands.

No shaking hands, no kissing (not even air kisses) and no hugging! You are allowed to blow kisses from the recommended distance.

2 metres or 6 feet is the recommended guidelines for social distancing. We are social emphatic animals, so this can feel a little weird, and maybe you still feel a little foolish enforcing this when you meet people. We all have people we are close to that are older or not in the best of health, so it is important that this is maintained. Don’t be afraid to remind people about this, especially in queues in shops, it is for the benefit of everyone, especially your loved ones.

While scientists are unsure how long Covid-19 can live on surfaces (some say it may live up to 28 days on hard surfaces), the advice is to frequently disinfect surfaces, such as table-tops and door-handles.

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