The Friends I made while social distancing


I have been taking social distancing very seriously but as a social person have been finding in somewhat difficult.

So I decided to make some new friends!


Larry is the friend who holds the whole group together the glue of the gang! you can’t really plan a hangout or party without him, he’s not the life of the party but a party doesnt exist without him!


Mac is my best friend they are a great listener and friend.

They’re who you reach out to when you need a chat and is the perfect balance between serious and funny.  They understand all your obscure references


nobody remembers Mugsys actual name just the time she brought her own mug from the gaff to the cafe in a bit to go waste free for a month.

Mugsy is vegan but won’t eat toast without butter and everyone pretends to not remember the time she drunkly ate a full meatfeast pizza.


Jack and Jane

Jack and Jane have kinda been together forever and outlasted everyone else’s relationships a few times over. They’re allowed to go out without eachother but prefer not to.

One time they almost broke up and the whole group freaked out but it turns out they were just arguing about what their kids names would be again.


Eddie is the life and sole of every party, Eddie has never been seen in a 9am lecture but somehow still manages to pass.

He’s always on the dance floor and never in the smoking area. He always know the best spots to go out in and never goes to bed alone 😉

As you can probably tell I’ve lost my mind while social distancing so if anyone has some ideas to keep me entertained please let me know!!




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