Why You Should Consider Running for Election!

Moya Browne, VP for Welfare & Equality City Campus, living her best life.

There are so many reasons why you should run for an elected officer position!

The year is always going to be what you make of it and every officer is different and that’s the fun of the role. If your passion is in climate activism or feminist issues or having higher engagement with the Class Rep system or all student then that can be your focus for the year.

If you’re considering running for a part-time role it’s a great way to make a bit of cash on the side of being full time in college and having incredibly flexible work hours. There are also so many opportunities that come with the role – representing your entire campus, you will learn time management skills, public speaking, how to hole your own in meetings, leadership skills and run some really fun events for TU Dublin students.

If you’re considering running for a full-time position, despite what many people think you don’t need to be in final year, but you must be willing to take the year out of college. Being a full-time officer is amazing, you are allowed to stay in college a year longer and hang out with your friends – while being in a full time job! I had so many worries going into the year and as the work starts you just kind of forget about them. Initally I was worried about speaking up in meetings, but I knew that if I didn’t then thousands of students voices wouldn’t be heard.

The experience I have gotten this year is more than any other job could provide. I learned to chair meetings, pick my battles, speak up for students and how to truly enjoy and run a great night out.

I love elections themselves and having a solid campaign team around you and knowing they want you to win is one of the best feelings!

It can be daunting putting your face on every free space in the college but you get used to it rather quickly. You’re always going to be nervous running for elections and that just means you want it but its worth it. It’s worth standing in front of your peers and asking them to pick you because you know you can be the one to represent you.

If you’re considering running for election or have your heart set then get in touch with any of the SU officer and we can set up meetings to have a chat and walk you through our individual roles.

For more info on elections there are booklets in all su offices as well as online HERE!!!

You can check out the nomination process and more information around the election on our sister website here.

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