BeSafe BeSexy SHAG Week


BeSafe BeSexy is back with a BANG! (safely hopefully). Semester 2 SHAG week is full of lots of fun, exciting and very informative events. Every day from the 10th-14th February, we have a JAM-PACKED week, so check out what we have going on for you!


Were kicking off the week on Monday the 10th of February with an information stand, with the Medical centers expertise on hand to give advice on contraception and STIs. 

There will be lots of free tea, coffee, condoms and lube! 

So keep you eyes peeled we will be in Kevin Street from 12-2.

We will also be having an incredibly sexy and informative Play on the ‘Types Of Sex You MIGHT Have In College’.

Tickets here!


If you weren’t able to attend the sexiest table quiz in semester 1 or missed out on our amazing prizes this is your chance!

On Tuesday the 11th we are having our second sexy sexy table quiz of the year bigger better and sexier. 

Pop along for some racy questions and fun times. 

Tickets Here!


As we all know students love two things free stuff and talking about sex so we will be having a second information stand on wednesday. 

There will be more tea, coffee, condoms and lube up for grabs. 

This time the stand will be in Bolton street from 12-2 


The one you’ve all been waiting for on Thursday night we will be having a drag race. Don’t miss out on all the drama, padding and tucking of an amazing event. We will have brilliant judges and a fab MC. The event is taking place in The Workmans.  There are going to be loads of prizes!

Tickets Here



Valentines day the day of lovers.

Sadly some of us will be very much alone on valentines day so I’ll be bopping around all day with some sweets to bide over our lonely hearts for the day! 

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