It’s Halloweeen Baby


Yes, it is that time of year again! The costumes, the makeup, the masks and the excuse to be whoever you want to be for one day or evening is here again.

Halloween is one of those occasions set aside for crazy parties, socialising and venturing outside of your comfort zone. Whether it be with new friends (say for example new college friends), old friends, family or strangers an outgoing nature is reborn yearly.

Sometimes though, it can be difficult to organize the gang together soo, the essential back up plan must be available at hands reach. For those last-minute disasters that threaten to ruin your Halloween evening, I have gathered a collection of alternative plans. I refuse to leave you stranded without a plan in sight…

Throw a scary movie night

A movie night may sound like the regular hang out with the girls but on Halloween, take advantage of the occasion! Set a theme for the evening perhaps pirates, ghosts, etc. Along with a theme goes the costume, the hair and the setting…

Get your hands dirty here! Don’t be lazy! If the night is going to be spent in doors go all out. Painted canvases for backdrops, dens made of furniture, banners and props. The rooms of your house should look completely different by the time you’re finished decorating.

Gather together your favourite treats too. You deserve something nice after having your plans cancelled unexpectedly. The go to for me would be a sly Malteser, white chocolate buttons and obviously the salted popcorn.

Of course, we can’t forget the main event, THE MOVIE!! Go for something scary, this is the one time of where everyone is expected to scare themselves willingly and strangely enough, on purpose. The concept is strange I guess but would it really be a Halloween movie night without a good scare…..

Be an artist

In the olden days, weaving and carving were always so popular but now, these things have become an occasional task, a thing of the past. In recent months though, I’ve been seeing these trades and art projects becoming the new trend again! It’s amazing how things come back around at different times throughout life!

With the Halloween theme in mind go grab some pumpkins! Carving pumpkins is great fun especially when it’s with some of your friends and family. Carve some scary faces and then, use them to decorate your garden after.

If you’re short on money or looking to raise money for a charity, think of opening up the pumpkin carving session to the public! Believe me, there are others who will be looking for something cool to do last minute on the day. This will also spice up the night a bit for you because there’ll be fresh people coming in and out and you will be constantly on the move.

If pumpkins aren’t your thing, get some tote bags, stencils and ink! Ink some bags with cool designs and either sell them after or enjoy them for yourself. The festivities never end…

Go party on your own

Daunting as it may sound, partying on your own is a great experience (one that I would highly recommend)! Especially on Halloween, people in town and parties are so willing to make new friends. Haven’t you ever heard the stories following a night out that go something along the lines of ‘I got lost and just ended up going to Mac Donald’s with my new mates’, these stories occur so much more often on occasions.

Go wild and make some new friends! Just don’t crash a party, nobody likes the person who comes uninvited..

Remember what I said at the beginning of the article you can be whoever you want for the night, so if you’re naturally shy or reserved push yourself to be a bit more outgoing for the night! You’ll feel great I promise!!! Be the confident person you are when you dance alone…

Visit a Haunted House


Haunted Houses may sound like such a basic thing to do on Halloween but honestly, they are the best craic! It is yet again another form of self-inflicted terror but sure where’s the fun in comedy shows on Halloween??

Some of the best haunted house locations I know of are The Nightmare Realm in the RDS and Farm phobia! Be prepared though… the night is long, and the houses are scary. Escape time is in your own hands

Some last minute advise for your evening of last minute plans..

Enjoy yourself and don’t let cancellation hold you back from doing the things that you want to do. It’s festivity time baby! Party like no other, make memories, tell stories and get outside of the confines that are your comfort zone

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