What Is A Class Rep?


The Class Rep is the voice and elected representative of the entire class who represents students’ views to TU Dublin Students’ Union at Class Rep meetings and raises issues or interests of their class to relevant academic staff and especially at Programme Committee Meetings with TU Dublin.

Class Reps are the essential link between Students, their Programme of Study, TU Dublin and TU Dublin Students’ Union.

DanTheMan’s Top Five Reasons you should Take the Step and Become a “Class” Rep!

Be the Voice

This is your opportunity to be the chief spokesperson for your class by representing their views and interests through proper consultation with your fellow students, identifying and addressing any issues that may arise such as timetables, assessments or exams issues between the lecturer, Programme Chair and Head of School, while also organising the class activities and hoodies!

Skills Development

Being a Class Rep enables you to learn and improve on skills you normally wouldn’t develop in the classroom and will not only help you during your time in college but beyond TU Dublin. Effective skillset such as teamwork, negotiation, time management, public speaking and communication skills developed would make you a more employable graduate and distinct during interviews and in the workplace in general.

Training and Support

TU Dublin Students’ Union will be providing training in communication, negotiation and other ways to help you be an effective rep! There would be a training session on Friday, 11th of October 2019 at the Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay Lower, North City, Dublin. Keep an eye on your email for updates from your Students’ Union concerning upcoming events and trainings!


Class Rep Meetings

Your Students’ Union rely completely on student feedback to be informed on issues so that we can represent the needs of the students effectively. These meetings usually take place twice a semester and is chaired by the local College Officer. This is your chance to raise your issues on behalf of your class to TU Dublin SU and discuss possible solutions with other reps within your campus.

Programme Committee Meetings

This is where you will meet your lecturers and bring feedback from your class on the delivery and content of your course. Having constructive dialogue with the academic staff will provide the perfect forum to make suggestions and bring positive change. Meetings take place usually once a semester.

Having given you these five fabulous reasons, be rest assured that this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in your Union as well as making real changes in the newly formed university and getting to shape the overall student experience. And it does look good on your CV!

If you’re interested in TAKING THE STEP, becoming a Class Rep is as easy as filling out an online nomination form here. You will need to complete the form and get two classmates to nominate and second you. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

From Monday, 30th of September to Friday, 4th of October the TU Dublin SU Officers and School Reps will do the rounds of all classes to elect the class reps for contested positions. For more information visit the Class Rep section of the website on www.tudublinsu.ie, call into your local TU Dublin SU office for a chat with your Student Advisor and College Officer, or contact your Vice President for Education Daniel Sogaolu at education.cc@tudublinsu.ie

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