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‘Great craic’, ‘deadly buzz’, – the very last things anyone would say about Supplemental Exams. Sitting exams can be stressful, and can be a major part of studying at University.  But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Just like with many things in life, if you plan ahead and organise yourself effectively, you can achieve the results you want.

If, for whatever reason, you’ve been unsuccessful in your Semester 1 or Semester 2 examinations, you will have the opportunity to repeat them during the Supplemental Examinations period which is scheduled to take place between the 19th and 31st of August 2019. We at TU Dublin Students’ Union wish you all the very best of luck as you prepare for Supplementals. I have put together some handy tips to help you “survive” and make sure you get the exams SORTED!

We also have fruit and notepads available from the SU offices in Bolton Street and Kevin Street – come by and help yourselves!

Before the Exams

  • Check the supplementals dates and read the fine print. Sometimes exams can fall outside them. Don’t book any holidays abroad during this period. 
  • Plan your revision well in advance and make sure you have all the notes etc; if you are missing material ask your Tutor, the lecturers or a classmate to help you out. 
  • Do out a Study / Work schedule and try your best to stick to it. 
  • Eat Well – limit the junk food and sweets! 
  • Don’t overdo the booze or eliminate it as much as possible.
  • Get regular exercise.
  • Sleep well – get the recommended 8 hours a night. This will prepare your mind well for all that study. 
  • Don’t stress too much – if you are very anxious please contact the Counselling Service for support and advice – it’s Free!
  • Don’t leave everything to the last minute! A relaxed mind is a better functioning one. 


During the Exams

Check out my top tips below!

  • Check your timetable: Make sure you know when and where you’re exams are on and plan to be there on time – if you’re more than 30 minutes late you won’t be admitted or if another student doing the same exam as you have left before you arrive you cannot be admitted into the exam.
  • BRING YOUR STUDENT ID Card as well as the timetable or exam notification document – check your student email to confirm what exactly you need to gain admission to the Exam Hall. If you don’t have the right proofs with you will probably be denied entry. This is your responsibility. 
  • Don’t bring notes or any other prohibited material to the exam – it’s unfair and a serious breach of the Regulations and if you’re caught you could get thrown out of college. THIS INCLUDES MOBILE PHONES. If you’re found with a phone on your person in the exam hall (accidentally or on purpose) it will be confiscated and you will have to go before a Panel of Enquiry and you may well be penalised.
  • If you break your arm, sprain your wrist or have some sort of accident that compromises your performance in an exam, contact the DIT Health Centres and they will liaise with your Exams Office so that you get the appropriate support (extra time, a scribe etc). Email your Tutor and lecturers also to keep everyone in the loop. If you must defer, your next attempt should be considered a ‘first attempt’. Use the PC1 form again here.

If you cannot sit your exams due to unforeseen circumstances, for example, you become ill, or there is a grievance in the family – don’t worry – TU Dublin has a procedure in place for this – the ‘Personal Circumstances (PC-1) form. You can familiarise yourself with the procedure (which I highly recommend) and download a form here. They are also available in all SU offices and the Exams office. 

After the Exams

  • Once the exams and deadlines are over you should Relax – you deserve it! But don’t party too hard!
  • Don’t do a post-mortem with your mates; this is a waste of time and you could end up stressed if you hear how others have said they answered the questions etc. – wait until you get your results and then discuss with the relevant academic staff.
  • Check your TU Dublin email to find out when the results are available – there isn’t one release date for all students. If you have difficulties with the email/login get in touch with your local Exams office.
  • When the results are published you should seek feedback from your school – even if you are pleased with the outcome, it’s always useful and it’s your right as per the TU Dublin City Campus General Assessment Regulations.  The key to Viewing of Examination Scripts is being aware of the DEADLINES; Each school publish dates for the viewing of exam scripts and provision of feedback, this shall normally be scheduled within FOUR DAYS of the publication of results. Read more here or come down to the office and talk to your local Student Advisor.

Other necessary information for exams are;

  • Library opening hours remain the same (out of term hours) and vary across the different sites as per the website: http://www.dit.ie/library/location/
  • Web courses shut down on Monday the 19th of August! Remember to download all relevant materials!

If you need any advice or support, pop into any Students’ Union Office or email advice@tudublinsu.ie. TU Dublin SU wishes you all the best in your exams! And don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your summer!

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