Your Students’ Union!


If you accepted your offer of a course in TU Dublin we can’t wait for you to be part one of the largest and newest Students’ Union in the country in a community of 28,500 students spanning across multiple campuses and buildings.

What is the Students’ Union?

TU Dublin SU is the independent representative organisation for students of TU Dublin. once registered you’re automatically a member of TU Dublin Students’ Union! The Union is the students, with elected representatives whose sole purpose is to represent and improve the learning and student experience of all those in the University. The Union is also there to provide services, run campaigns and hold events so that you can take full advantage of student life.

The Students’ Union is governed by a Constitution which sets out its role, the structures and rules so that it can function democratically and efficiently for students. You can find the Constitution here.

Who are the Elected Officers?

The 10 full-time elected officers

There are 23 elected officers in your Union who are here to represent you within the University and nationally. The officers are directly elected by students every year in the Annual Elections normally held in March. 

There is the full-time officers, who are paid and full time elected representatives who normally would have graduated from their course upon taking on the role. The part-time officers are still full time students themselves and and some have specific roles and campuses to represent. 

You can find the contact details for all the full-time elected officers here.

How do you get involved in the Union?

There are many ways you can get involved in the Students’ Union such as Class Rep, School Rep, Student Council and the many Crews. You can find how to get involved and how to sign up here!

We can’t wait to see you at Orientation week so make sure to keep an eye for all the Freshers Magazine with all the information 😉

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