Online Module Feedback suspended due to TUI Objections


On Wednesday, 5th December our officers were informed that the launch of the Institute’s new online system to gather student feedback on modules, had been suspended following objections from the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI). The system was due to commence Today, 6th December.

DITSU Officers regret this unfortunate development. The Union has continuously lobbied for the introduction of a transparent system to record students feedback on module content and delivery, in particular, a mechanism that was anonymous and easy to use, to replace the outdated paper-based Q6a forms and through WebCourses – processes that students have little confidence in.  

Speaking about the last-minute decision, DITSU President Pierre Yimbog said that the news was very disappointing.

He added

PIerre Yimbog, President. Photo Credit: Iago Miragaya, DITSU

‘It is frustrating to see, once again, the education of the students we represent has to suffer, instead of prospering with improved feedback mechanisms which can enhance programme delivery and content. We hope that DIT works with the TUI to resolve the current issue as a matter of urgency, so that students may get the opportunity to give anonymous feedback before the semester ends, and particularly as we transition to Technological University Dublin.’

It is frustrating to see, once again, the education of the students we represent has to suffer

This message was echoed by Vice-President for Education, Rebecca Gorman, who stated that DITSU officers were disheartened to hear that the new Module Evaluation System designed for students to give constructive feedback anonymously will not commence as scheduled.

She added ‘This issue of transparency in feedback system from students has been an issue

Rebecca Gorman, VP Edcuation

for years, and we have finally found a solution to ensure this happens in DIT. DIT has missed an important opportunity to gather feedback properly and change the students’ learning experience. We hope with further negotiations with the TUI the system will be implemented in due course – our students deserve it.’

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