Small Win for the Libraries – But the Work Isn’t Over Yet. 

A student-led #SaveOurServices protest held at Governing Body

#SaveOurServices Puts the Spotlight on our Libraries. DITSU are delighted to receive news that DIT has responded to our recent protest and are filling the library staffing vacancies across the College. The vacancies have impacted on all services in the library and have caused opening hours to be reduced across the smaller libraries across DIT.

Our students held a silent protest to start the #SaveOurServices campaign when we were notified about the library staff vacancies. As a result of our protest, HR have prioritised filling the vacancies. We are disappointed that the issue has been ignored for many years, but we are happy to see some progress being made thanks to our silent protest.

So far, we have had some great progress made:

  • A staffing position has been filled in the Cathal Brugha Street Library, and opening hours have returned to normal.
  • Library staff in Grangegorman are extending their working hours and they are keeping the library open on Saturdays over exam time.

It’s great to see some improvement, but the facts remain:

  • 6 Vacancies remain in the core library staff.
  • Grangegorman library hours will be restricted again unless something is done soon.
  • The Rathmines library remains closed on Saturdays and has fewer days with late opening hours.
  • Any library can close at any time if a staff member cannot attend work, as there aren’t enough staff to keep them open.

We must thank the library staff for going above and beyond their jobs to keep such a vital service open. However, the current situation is unsustainable, so we need to keep the pressure on for DIT to ensure this will not happen again. Although the process for hiring staff has been sped up, we won’t see many improvements for this year. This means many of our students won’t have access to their library, especially when they need it over the exam period.

If you have personally been affected by the restricted library due to unfilled staff vacancies, we want to hear from you. Please contact with your comments – we need students to use their voice and make sure we will never have a situation like this again.


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