Q6a Forms: your course, your module, your say!


The Q6a Form is a module feedback form that gives you the opportunity to let DIT know how you found the content and delivery of each module in a particular semester.

From this December, the way DIT collects your Student Module Evaluation (Q6a) Forms will be online. On the 6th December you will receive an email from qa.survey@dit.ie, asking you to complete a Module Evaluations (Q6a) form for each of your modules for Semester 1.

These evaluations will only take 5 minutes to complete and your feedback will be anonymous. The feedback you provide will then be used by your lecturers to improve the content and delivery of your modules. It will also be used by your Programme Committee when reviewing the delivery and content of your programme.

This is your opportunity to effect real change in how modules are delivered and it is important that your lecturers and Programme Committee receive your opinion on your modules, so that this information can be taken into consideration when planning future modules.

The Survey will Close on Tuesday, 18th December.

So that your feedback may be used constructively it is important that no personal comments in relation to other students or staff members should be made. For more information click here which please check.

If you have any queries you can contact qa.survey@dit.ie

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