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In preparation for exams it is important that you have the correct information on your student record, you need to ensure this is complete by 23rd November 2018.

The online self-service system is open for you to check your DIT student record and ensure your semester one and year- long modules are accurately reflected on your account.

Please complete the following three steps:

  1. Check that the core semester 1 and year- long modules listed are correct.
  2. Drop the optional semester 1 and year- long modules you are not taking.
  3. Add where necessary year–long and Semester 1 modules you are taking that are not listed on your account.

Note:  We will contact you by email in early 2019 regarding the modules you are taking in Semester 2

How to Complete Your Semester 1 and Year Long Module Selection

Access the module selection system  or download the DIT Student Services app

  • Your User ID for the system is your student ID number e.g.: D12345678
  • Your Pin is the same Pin is used to register for your programme online.

If you are an International student accessing module selection for the first time, the Pin code to access module selection will be your six digit date of birth in the format of ddmmyy.  When you enter this six digit code you will requested to change the Pin.

View the short video tutorial here


If your pin is blocked you can reset it by selecting the forgot pin option.

If you would like to check the CRN (module code) for your module, check the Module Catalogue.

Access  FAQs here.

If your record is incorrect or you are having difficulty correcting it, please contact Student Services or Registration Service for help it is important your record is correct so please do not leave this unchecked.

What happens if you do not complete your Module Selection and your student record remains incorrect?

If your record remains incorrect it may mean that exam results will be delayed as we investigate why your record contains a module you have not been examined on.  This process is time consuming and may delay results being released.

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