DIT to further investigate DITSU proposal to supply microwaves


DITSU believes that DIT should provide microwaves on campus for students to use and we have been working tirelessly lobbying the powers that be in DIT to get them provided.

We know that there is a great demand, from students who can’t afford the price of hot meals in the canteen, those commuting long distances and those who prefer to have their own food.

During the summer we met with a sub-group of the DIT Catering Oversight Committee to discuss a DITSU proposal that sets out clear arguments for such a service. This proposal is based on feedback from DIT students and staff, international research on best practice and DITSU policy. (link to DITSU proposal).

This sub-group was tasked to investigate the issue further and has completed a lot of work and additional research, including:

– Site visits to organisations that provide microwaves for students/staff
– Policy development on supplying microwaves for students to use
– Research on most effective options for students
– Conversations with Aramark (who supply catering on most of the DIT sites).

The final proposal was submitted to the DIT Campus Development committee on Tuesday 23rd October and was passed unanimously. Finally this is some good news! DIT has now allocated a budget of €10,000 to further investigate our proposal and agreed in principle to supply microwaves on a pilot phase. Once we get more information on the details we will update you.

You can read DITSU’s proposal on the provision of Microwaves and hot water facilities for students here.

Thanks to everyone who filled in the Petition – if you haven’t done so yet, please do as this is a great help to us as we bring pressure to bear on DIT.

Also you can email your complaints/requests for microwaves to estates.helpdesk@dit.ie and/or paul.mcdunphy@dit.ie

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