Ever sit in class and think to yourself;

“What am I going to eat once I finally finish this BORINGGG lecture?”

As Forrest Gump once said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.’ Whether it’s a dirty chicken fillet roll, or just your everyday salad, places around Bolton St. can fulfill your needs.

Bolton St. has it all, location included. This makes it ridiculously easy to find somewhere to eat suited for you! Here are THREE places we’re blessed with;

WOWBURGER – A post night out favorite ❤️. With customisable burgers is there any topping this place.. See what I did there lol! The decoration is on point, they provide their own branded sauce, as well as fulfilling sides, and, being just around the corner at Parnell St. you can’t really go wrong. It is a ‘True Diner Experience’ at a low cost for those of us students on a budget!

Qitta Pan – Directly across from Bolton Street’s Main Entrance, this is a personal favorite! Imagine the ‘Local Chinese’ opening hours before you’ve expected. Imagine eating a 3-in-1 in between lectures. Imagine chicken fillet rolls that give you that mouth watering sensation, that make you feel like you’ve ate a full meal twice over. You my friend, are in luck!!! With prices starting as little as TWO EUROOO, you can not go wrong.

Declan’s – Informally known as Deco’s, this place not only provides juicy Tray’s, Rolls and Sambo’s, you’re looking at sides of Confectionery. I know right, good quality Tray’s with a Cadbury’s.. Stoppppp! Tray’s consisting of flavorsome chicken, pasta or wedges, along with noodles and veg of your choice, this is a selection and a half folks.

Of course, you have your typical Spar and Centra on opposite ends of the Street directly across from Bolton, but people need versatility in their nutritional intake, spice it up a little!!! I’ll see youse with a face full of Qitta Pan’s Curry Sauce in no time xo.

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