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The DITSU By-Election took place last Wednesday and Thursday to elect a Kevin Street College Officer and Postgraduate Officer. The College Officer position was uncontested while the Postgraduate position was contested by two candidates; the first time since the role was introduced in 2012. Voting took place over the two days with the count and result last Friday in Bolton St. The following are the newly elected officers that will join the Executive Team:

Kevin Street College Officer – Barry Egan

Barry Egan is a second year student in Electronic and Communications Engineering. He is the Kevin Street College Officer for this year. His role will be to represent students locally to the College and Students’ Union, elect Class Reps and chair their monthly meetings and run any on campus events.

Barry says; “I’m not only happy but proud to be able to represent Kevin street. Hopefully I can do the best for everyone and that they know that I’ll be there for them no matter what.”

Postgraduate Officer – Daniel Sogaolu

Daniel Sogaolu is a master student in Energy Management in Kevin Street. He is the Postgraduate Officer for this year. His role will be to represent all taught and research postgraduates by sitting on Academic Council and the Student Council of the Students’ Union. He will be the point of contact for Postgraduate Class Reps and run any activities and events for postgraduate students.

What Daniel says; “Just like any two-sided contest, it was one that could end up on any side of the coin. As such, it was a good election as both parties didn’t go down without a fight, and I’m glad I came out victorious in it. Looking forward to an outstanding year of representation for my fellow postgrads promoting better postgraduate involvement in school activities, better policies and more inter-college relationship.”

Congratulations to both candidates on their election and wish them the best of luck for the coming year. Thank you to all those you came out and voted. The annual elections will be taking place next March for all the elected officer positions and it could be you for the first TU Dublin Students’ Union!

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