Halloween Highlights in Dublin


Whether you love Halloween or hate it , you can’t argue that having sweets on tap and quality events around thte city is anything but a good thing.


Here are five events that are happening throughout Dublin, that are worth checking out either alone or with some friends!

The Nightmare Realm & Farmaphobia

If you enjoy getting spooked and can handle scare then The Nightmare Realm or Farmaphobia may just be the thing for you. Both interactive, immersive experiences, you’re sure to get your annual dose of Halloween scare. Tickets for both can be found online at their respective websites. Keep in mind that The Nightmare Realm is only suitable for kids over the age of 13.

Themed Tour at the Botanic Gardens

This adult-only tour focuses on the dark practices that have been used throughout human history. Entitled Magic, Murder and Monkshood, it is less of a scare event and more of a creepy but educational event for those of you who are less into jump scares. Check out their Facebook page because they have various dates and you need to book before going.

The Ghostbus Tour

This probably isn’t something new to you. Many of us can see the buses driving around town throughout this time of year. But these tours stay around for a reason, so it’s worth checking it out. It’s also not too high on the scare factor so if you’re a little bit of a scaredy-cat but still want to give something horror-y a go, this one could be the one for you.

Bram Stoker Festival

Big vampire fan? Held between the 26th-29th of October this year, the Bram Stoker festival brings a new round of ranging from spooky to not really that spooky at all. From tours to talks, and caping off the with Macnas Parade, here’s something for everyone here.

Halloween at Dublinia

A Halloween event taking place in a medieval museum? I’m sold! The Delig Inis theatre group present an annual Halloween performance here. The great thing is that it’s suitable for all ages so, if as before, you’re not too keen on very scary things then you can rest assured this one isn’t over the top if even children can attend. Performances run throughout the day every 15 minutes!

Of course these events are not the only ones taking place. You can find a whole host of events, just by looking through Facebook. Various museums often hold Halloween themed events, and of course, if you’d rather have a goulish themed night out, then plenty of bars and clubs will be hosting such events as well! Keep an eye out for DITSUs own halloween events, giving you that particular DIT spooky flavour!

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