Halloween is a Deadline


The 31st of October is fast approaching and it is a significant deadline date for some students.

  1. For students who have yet to register and pay fees if you haven’t done so by 31st October not only will you be charged a penalty of €200 but you will not be able to access DIT services such as the Library and web courses.
  2. For students who may be considering deferring their programme this year.
  3. For students who may be considering withdrawing from their programme.

It is really important for any student in this situation to follow the correct procedures in advance of 31st October as there may be a financial penalty if you don’t.

Making an informed decision is a positive move. It takes guts and clear thinking to say ‘hang on, this is not for me this year’. We strongly advise any student who is having second thoughts about continuing their studies to seek advice and weigh up all the options and implications. Talk to staff in your department, whether it is a Programme Head or lecturer.  Our Student Advisors can also help in making sure you get the necessary information when deciding what is best for you.

Remember the DEADLINE is 31st October. By this date, you have to have made the decision and completed the paperwork to get any refund due and to protect your ‘free frees’ entitlement (that’s the cost of the tuition paid to DIT on your behalf).

We are here to make sure you are informed of your rights and to ensure that you are aware of the implications of missing important dates and deadlines. Education is a costly business for you. If you just stop coming to college without completing the paperwork you won’t be refunded and you’ll have to pay the full amount the next time you come back to college; plus the cost of tuition fees.

Check out full information on the DIT Student Services page here. You can contact TU Dublin SU for advice and information at advice@tudublinsu.

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