What Student Council is all about


Student Council is the supreme decision-making body for students in DIT Students’ Union. It is where you can make a real difference in how you want your college to run, and what you want your Students’ Union to do for you; by debating issues and submitting motions and policies for consideration. It is also where you get to make sure your elected officers are doing what they are supposed to be doing!

What’s involved?

Student Council is made up of 100 members. There is the Executive Council of the 11 elected officers, 24 School Reps who are automatically on it by virtue of being in that position and the remaining 65 are Councillors. Meetings take place once a month in the evening for a couple of hours and is chaired by an Independent Chairperson and administered by a clerk who is a staff of DITSU.

If you’re a student councillor, you have the power to bring forward a motion as a task for the elected officers, mainly for the Full Time elected officers which can also be delegated amongst the Part-Time officers. You can bring forward a policy if there’s a particular issue the Union must take a stance on. The other important role as a Councillor is to hold the elected officers to account and grill them on their officer report that they submit on the work undertaken each month.

What’s in it for me?

You get the opportunity to improve your public speaking, debating and communication skills. There’ll be training provided and you’ll have support from the other experienced councillors and the elected officers. If you really like debating or having a good argument, then this is the place for you but it’s got to be structured if you wanna win!

Congress Delegation 2018 featuring DITSU, ITTSU and ITBSU

Also, being part of Student Council gives you the opportunity to attend National Congress with DITSU. This is the supreme decision making body of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and takes place once a year for four days. DITSU brings 22 delegates chosen from Student Council and last year we won Best Large Delegation!

If you’re interested in putting yourself forward, nomination forms can be found here. Election will take place at the local Class Rep meeting with a certain amount of positions available per campus. The 1st Student Council meeting takes place on 18th October with training on 16th October.

If you have any further questions, contact your local college officer or email president@ditsu.ie.

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