The Cathal Brugha Maze


Welcome back guys and welcome in newbies.

Get ready for the familiar smell of cooking – freshly baked bread and the infamous fish corridor smell on a Monday morning, well for the whole Monday day really!

Get familiar with the white coats and chefs with knives but don’t worry they aren’t surgeons. Open up to new visons and pathways AND get ready for a insightful year in Cathal Brugha Street.

As you start a new year in college, you get to catch up with college friends.  The summer is over, but really there isn’t much of a summer in Ireland. You get to feel the magic in Cathal Brugha Street of sharing the stories and adventures have explored.

With the new college year, comes the new bewildered first year students trying to adjust into college. Questions that are gushing through the fresher’s mind while trying to settle in. The anticipation and inquisitive nature of what college is really about. Welcome to the world of all-nighters and last minute report work – they will be the national anthem we sing together!

Don’t forget to live in the moment. Take each day as you find it. Try to forget the worries that you carry and live for the experience of the year. Focus in on what makes you you, whether in your course career path or even with new friends. Don’t forget to keep that identity and never let the fresher’s fest or pub crawls take that away from you, don’t forget yourself completely.

Cathal Brugha will be daunting at first. Clouded with doors left right and centre, kitchens and labs. The place is a confined maze of magic. It has always been confusing, from the long stairs of the 6th floor to the elevators that never seem to work.

Let us remember our Erasmus students who have come in to join us also. By creating a place of importance to always help out others as little as much as we can. Remember to learn to accept and even expand knowledge and cultures of different people. We live in a space environment where we respect and create a safe space for new people.

The Maze Magic Movements

Along the many staircases  on the 3rd floor is the Library – if cardio isn’t your thing, an alternative means is the lift.

Cathal Brugha has a Canteen – a bit pricy for students but on a cold winter day having soup and bread is a good call and not too expensive. Alternative 30/50c for hot water.

SU Common Area – students are familiar or starting to get familiar with the students union located in the basement of the campus where there’s a table tennis table, games and also a Student Advisor if you’ve got any questions to ask at all, condoms also available, just ask.

DIT Printing – printers come in handy for students during the college year, they can be found in the library or 4th floor in the computer room, just keep an eye on the datapac prices on the printer.. if that’s there that’s the more expensive printer.

Lockers – lockers are available free of charge for students, just bring in a lock!! First come first claim basis. Secure your lockers with locks.

Green Room- Culinary art students offer a 4 course meal at a discounted price once a week for students.

Finally guys let’s bring it all in as Family. Let us make a remarkable magical year. Banterfully filled and don’t forget deadlines do exist.

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