Cheeky Tips for Rathmines and Bimm


Fresh stationary, new study rooms and common rooms and 100’s of fresher students!
First of all, I would like to welcome all the new students to DIT. This is an exciting time for
you all as you are joining us for the new academic year 2018/2019!

As I am about to start my final year in DIT, here are 3 hits and tips I would recommend to
both Rathmines and BIMM students.

Get involved

Coming over the next few weeks many different opportunities will come your way. We
know you are in college to study for your degree but why not take up a new hobby by
signing up to different clubs and societies. This will help build your network and skills on theside which will look great on your CV. Get the most out of your college experience while
you’re here. Remember you’re here for a good time not a long time!

Posters on Campuses

Throughout the year in the SU or common rooms keep an eye out for posters around your
campus as there may be interesting gigs coming up, volunteering workshops, Jobs board,
bands looking for musicians, plays and musicals looking for cast members so keep a sharp
eye out, so you don’t miss out.

Discounts! Cause who doesn’t like a good bargain?

Once you have registered as a DIT student, your student card will be your savior on
getting the best for your student dolla dolla!
We know college can be expensive particularly transport so make sure get your leapcard
which can be used on many different public transport services throughout the country, if
you haven’t got one yet don’t worry, make your way down to Aungier to the SU Hub to
purchase yours!

Also, now you have a student card, don’t be afraid to ask in shops in Dublin as they
may have a student discount. This may come in handy for local coffee shops, music shops
and fast food outlets near your campus.

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