Away in an Aungier

young entrepreneur standing out from the crowd in front

Welcome to Aungier Street!!!!

AKA the campus full of trendy business students located near the best food places you could ever find. Aungier Street is a large campus full of a few hidden gems and I will elaborate on throughout this article.


We have hundreds of lockers here in Aungier Street (which many students do not even know about!). I admit they are not the most aesthetically pleasing but they are extremely useful. You can stash your change of outfits for Dicey’s Mondays in there instead of carrying it around. Lockers can found on the ground floor. 

Hydrate yourself

Do not make the rookie mistake of buying €2 water bottles from the shops. Water fountains are located on the ground floor, 1st floor, 3rd floor, and 4th where you can refill your own water bottle for free. (The one on the ground floor is the nicest, we all love cold filtered water!!)

For the Hot Beverage Huns

Coffee, tea and other confectionery treats are available in our Grumpy Mule Café which is located on the ground floor. The grumpy mule brand is known to be on a mission to ‘fight the blight of bad coffee’. We love The Grumpy Mule because their coffee beans are sourced fairly and sustainably.  If you’re sound and want to save our precious earth, using a Keep Cup will also get you a 15c discount! Save money and save the planet!

mmmmmm delicious sustainability

On the 5th floor, there is a €1 coffee machine which not enough people seem to know about. So when exam season comes up and you’re amping up your caffeine intake, €1 coffees are the more affordable way to do so.

Food glorious fooooood

young entrepreneur standing out from the crowd in front

The restaurant on 1st floor provides nutritious meals for our diverse student body. They have a meat and vegetarian option everyday. or if you’re having a #fitfam kinda day, a salad bar is also available where you can choose what you like.

lunch time= the best time

Here in Aungier Sreet, we are geographically placed in the heart of good food. Forget the sixth year stone, with the Boojum student discount and the close proximity of Mexican goodness, I guarantee ¼ of your bloodstream will be made up of Chalula sauce by the end of the year.

If your hangriness is driving you bananas,  DIT Aungier Street’s chicken fillet roll go to  ‘Food Monkey’ will provide you with what you need. Student deals and double stamps on your loyalty when you use a Keep Cup. It’s a win win.

We are also directly across the street from ‘Network’, a place where a coffee connoisseur can grab a ‘long black’ (in laymen’s terms; an Americano) before a lecture.

If those student deals still do not satisfy you, why not use your DITSU membership cards? The Aungier Street location means that you can enjoy cheaper gelato in Scoop, an €8 Pittbro’s meal, a €5 burrito from Burritos & Blues, discounts in the Camden Rotisserie and many more and not have to walk far.

NB* The SU Hub is also located in the basement of Aungier street, get your student travel cards and DIT merchandise  here!

Welcome to Aungier street and enjoy your lunch x

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