A Day in The Life of a Bolton St. Student


I started off my campus life not knowing what to do, where to go, or even where to eat. These are simple aspects of your College years that enhance your experience. My name is Kais Ali Hassan and I am the Bolton Street College Officer. This is my ‘How To’ in Bolton Street.

Student Leap Card

Grab yourself a Student Leap Card in the SU Hub of Aungier St. it is one of three locations in Dublin City Centre to offer this service – you can also go to Trinity or Dublin Bus on O’Connell Street.

Don’t Get Hangry

After my lectures I’m usually hangry. I need to fill my hunger. Qitta Pan is across the road and I can not stress how much of my wages go towards this gem of a food joint. Whether it’s a chicken fillet roll you crave, or a fulfilling 4-in-1, Qitta Pan will do the trick. There’s also Centra’s Deli for wedges. The right amount of moisture. I’ve never needed sauce because of how non dry they are, the place is underrated.

Find Your Spot

I eat my lunch in the SU, where I’m able to relax in comfort in between lectures. It’s important to have a clear mind and to be positive to help you get through your long hours, and the SU does just so. The atmosphere in the Bolton St. SU is always buzzing. I made many friends outside of my course during my breaks,There’s pool tables for all of you Ronnie O’Sullivan fanboys, this is your chance to improve those skills.

Sometimes, I just head in to the Sinead the Student Advisor for a chat as she is very welcoming. The Student Advisors are very helpful with any issues or queries you have. We like to help the best we can here at DITSU. You will see a diverse bunch of students, so everyone has a rightful place in this college.

Growing up as being from Lebanon, and being a Muslim, it was difficult fitting in. It doesn’t matter who you are, in DIT you will fit in.

Get Your Study On

Get your asses up to the library and make those hours after class worthwhile. It is so important to utilise the services given to you. Located on the top floor, it is packed with computers, but you have to snatch them up quick. They tend to occupy close to exams and at peak times. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to locate a computer lab. If you see a class on, ask the lecturer nicely if you could use one silently in the back. I’ve had to go through this also and it is a little bit daunting at first, but you become more comfortable with it over time.

Sometimes, mid lecture, you need that boost of energy to keep you going. Personally, like  many students, I love coffee. The Grumpy Mule is just that place I need. Located on the second floor, right next to the cafeteria, you have a wide selection of drinks and grub to fulfil your energy deprived state. Get yourself a ‘Keep Cup’ – do your bit for the environment and you’ll get a discount. It’s a Win Win!

You will see me in the Common Area of Bolton St. I saved the best till last. This is the most occupied space of Bolton St. This is the place where you sit down on those purple couches, find that comfort, and struggle to leave. I’ve been a victim to this many a time. You will be entertained often by events that happen up on stage. My personal favourite being the Iron Stomach, a series of food eating challenges of disgusting combinations, and, of course I am reigning champion. I would encourage you to get your face out there by involving yourself in these events. It’s a way I and many others made friends. People will utilise the Common Area for different things such as reflection, communication and just overall relaxation. It’s a place to feel welcome, so rightly so you will be!

These are the kind of expectancies for a day to day Bolton St. student.

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