DITSU Takes Stance Against Rip-off Student Accommodation

Michael Walsh via the daily mail

After a discussion on August 24th and followed by a decision by the Executive (full time and part time officers), DITSU has decided that it can no longer support any private student accommodation as we believe that they are not affordable for the majority of the student population that we represent in DIT.

We are requesting that these private student accommodation developers re-evaluate their prices as we will protest for more affordable accommodation on October 3rd with USI and all the other Students’ Unions in the country.

What does this mean?

There will be no public promotion of private student accommodation on site or online unless information is requested from the DITSU student advice service helpdesk@ditsu.ie.

What actions are being taken?

  1. We will protest together on the streets of Dublin Wednesday 3rd October to demand the following (Credit USI National Campaigns Sub-committee):
  • Secured grants for Higher Educational Institutions to build purpose built student accommodation  
  • Affordable student accommodation
  • Lobby for the regulation of Air B n B
  • Introduce rent pressure zones for purpose built student accommodation
  • Ensure students have appropriate tenancies rights in both student accommodation and digs

This will be with USI and all other HEI’s across Ireland. We hope to you see you on the 3rd of October @ 12pm at your DIT campus, to show your anger and disappointment to the government for the current housing situation in Ireland.

  1. We are bringing our decision for discussion and ratification by our Student Council.
  2. All promotional materials for unaffordable student accommodation has been removed from DIT buildings.
  3. We are sending letters to unaffordable Private Student Accommodation centres that are close to DIT sites as a statement that we will not support them.
  4. We have sent a letter to DIT Management to ask for support for the upcoming protest on the 3rd of October.

Next steps

  • Your officers will lobby appropriate TD’s and ministers to ensure our demands above are met
  • We will meet with relevant DIT staff to discuss how improvements can be made to the DIT Student pad.

Your full time officers, Pierre, Roisin, Rebecca and Jess xo

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